milk allergy

Fourth you ask? Your body is still full of pregnancy hormones as you adjust to life sleep-deprived with your new baby outside your womb.

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milk allergy

Postby Tracylee » Sun Feb 07, 2010 8:42 am

Hey ladies - I just wanted to tell my story in hopes that it might help someone out.
When my son was born, he spent two weeks in the NICU for failure to thrive (not eating). The hospital couldn’t figure it out however once he gained his weight back they let him come home. Once home, although he wasn't totally colicky he was very fussy, gassy and had poop issues that would be soooo loud and shoot out like a rocket. This was all accompanied by grunting and noise making along with bouts of crying out. He also wouldn’t eat more than an ounce or two at a time and then start arching his back and pulling away from the bottle. From the 1st appointment with the pediatrician I mentioned this and they told me to stop BF and switch to a soy based formula. We tried that however over the two weeks didn't really notice a change. We were then switched to Nutramigen which we noticed a lil improvement but not a significant one. The Dr. just kept telling me it was Colic and that it would eventually go away. During this time, Dominic developed double hernias and I'm sure all the pushing, straining, grunting didn't help. We were then referred to a GI specialist at which time they thought he had acid reflux and put him on several medications to try out for three weeks. During that time we notice a very small improvement however every morning between 4:30-5:00 Dominic seemed to get much worse and all the gas had built up and he couldn’t get it out. When we back to the GI specialist, she upped all the meds and suggested we go back to a milk based formula stating that it creates less gas and again said it just sounded like Colic. Within 5 feedings on the milk based formula Dominic’s behavior was sooooo bad I wanted to cry. That night, I jumped on line as I had done several times before and found info on milk allergies/soy allergies. The very next day I took a fresh poppy diaper to the GI specialist and told them I wasn’t leaving until I had an explanation. Within 5 minutes the nurse practitioner came out with a smile on her face and said he tested positive for a milk allergy, soy allergy, whey protein allergy and a casein allergy. She was smiling because she knew we at least had an answer and could now treat the exact problem. She then put us on Similac's Alimentum which has a few different ingredients than the Nutramigen and WHALA- OMG it's like we have a new baby. He burps so much easier getting most of the gas out and is able to pass gas soo much easier. He immediately started eating more than the 2 ounce and went up to 3 ounces and no longer arched his back and pulled away from the bottle. Our 4:30-5 o’clock bewitching hour no longer exist and is a much happier content little boy.

I tell this story because my 1st born had full blown Colic and I wonder to myself if she too had a milk allergy. I wonder sometimes if someone had tested her poop and found the allergy and switch us to Alimentum, maybe we wouldn’t have all been soooo miserable and frustrated. Maybe our first 3 months would have actually been pleasant. I remember with my daughter telling my mother, "I can't believe I took 12 weeks off of work for this shit!" And as bad as it sounds it was sooo true, I was miserable and dreaded everyday with my daughter because of the Colicky behaviors. It wasn’t until they went away at week 14 that I became a happy mom and really started to like her.

I'm blown away that it took someone 11 weeks to finally figure out what was wrong and the only reason we found out is because I read about testing the poop for blood and mucus and told the Dr's to test it.

I hope my story helps at least one mother so they don't have to feel as frustrated as I did.
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