About baby dropping into pelvis * UPDATE in orriginal post

Fourth you ask? Your body is still full of pregnancy hormones as you adjust to life sleep-deprived with your new baby outside your womb.

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About baby dropping into pelvis * UPDATE in orriginal post

Postby lullu » Sun May 09, 2010 11:31 am

Just curious, my doc did an internal exam on my 36.4 weeks appointment only after i told him that it is sore down there if i walk sometimes, well his comment was " he doesn't think that i will make my c-section date on the 25th because baby is low cervix soft but still closed"

Now my question is how long after the baby had dropped did you went into labour? He wants to do the c-section on the 18th now bacause he is going away the 19th - 24th.

"I know it was a while ago but I was going through some post and came across mine. Just to let you know that i posted the post on the 10th of May and later that afternoon i went into early labour. GOSH

so yes the doc was right. "
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Postby Ashley » Mon May 10, 2010 7:07 am

My baby was always low, I started dilating at 34wks but I stayed at 1cm for almost 3wks. I'd say he really really didn't drop till like week 37/38 and I was induced at 39.6wks so needless to say it was at least 1-2wks before I was in pre labor...I had one of those slow progressing pre labors....I didn't start to lose my plug until maybe week 38 and then had bloody show the same day of my 40wks checkup which was the day before my due date. Once I got induced though everything went so fast lol....they still had to break my water though. I was 3cm at induction and went from 4cm to 7cm in 20 minutes after receiving the epidural. My labor was only 8hrs (woulda been 6hrs but waited 2hrs on the doc lol who was busy delivering others) which was surprising to me being that it was my first.

Good luck, hopefully you will go into labor on your own. Some people go from 0 to 10cm in no time, others take a little bit more work.

p.s why are you getting a c section?
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Postby Bee-Jeweled » Tue May 18, 2010 1:43 pm

Braylie was so low for so long i was surprised she didn't fall out - my OB kept telling me "you'll never make it to your due date!" ... i was 5cm dilated before i even went into labor 4 days after my due date.

i wouldn't let him do your C/S early just for his convenience mama.
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