Eating A lot!

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Eating A lot!

Postby Remonah » Mon May 02, 2011 2:43 pm

My 8 week old eats every three hours (during the day..he sleeps 12 hrs a night, and only gets up once to eat) and usually eats 6oz.! Is this normal? He's a pretty big guy now! I weighed him the other day and he's 14.5lbs! But he's also around 26-27 inches long...Anyone have a big eater? Is this normal? He's also EXTREMEMLy interested in my food, can sit up w/ little support, excellent neck control, and I took a baby spoon and filled it w/ breastmilk and kept feeding it to him to see how he reacted, and he was eating it like a champ! He overcame the whole tongue thrust reflex really quickly, and also laughed and smiled a little like he liked it and thought the whole act was fun! I know there are a lot of people who oppose starting your baby out on rice cereal or any solids too soon, but my parents started my and my siblings on solids at 2 and 3 months, and none of us have ANY food allergies or digestive problems what so ever, so I'm very tempted to get my little guy trying some different foods soon..He just can't seem to get enough milk to keep him full, and I bf, pump, AND supplement w/ formula...And it's even the spit-up formula w/ the added rice starch if that tells you anything..I just really want to eliminate most of the formula ( a lot of times if he doesn't get the spit up formula w/ or after the bm he'll spit it up because he just fills himself to the brim w/ bm and there's nothing to keep it down in there!) and replace it w/ exclusively bm and rice cereal (not in the bottle), and then a little later puree solids....Any helpful thoughts?
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Postby monkeysauce » Mon May 02, 2011 2:52 pm

The rule of thumb I've heard is 2.5oz every 24 hours for every pound of body weight. So if he's 14.5 pounds, that's about 36 ounces every 24 hours, or six 6-oz feeds... so if he's eating 6oz at (say) 6pm, 12midnight, 6am, 9am, 12noon, and 3pm... that's 36oz. It's spot on.
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Postby bethann » Mon May 02, 2011 5:34 pm

If he is going 6 hours between feeds during the night then three hours during the day at 6oz seems completely normal. He is still REALLY young and starting solids or cereal is medically not a good idea because his digestive system is not fully formed yet. But it sounds like when it is time to eat you will have a great eater on your hands!
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Postby Egray » Mon May 02, 2011 7:00 pm

Like the others said it sounds like he is eating perfectly! Definitely too young to start solids.

Just because you don't have allergies doesn't mean much. My parents didn't either and I do! You just never know and really is that something you want to chance?

I would say keep on feeding him the way you are!!
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