Four children close in age?

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Four children close in age?

Postby jesscc » Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:13 am

Hi -- some time ago I looked for advice here for my soon to be three children close in age. Well, it's worked out beautifully, and my DH and I are would love one more. That would make FOUR close in age--I don't have time to space them out a whole lot further since I'm getting older.

Would any of you who are doing / have done it be willing to share experience and / or advice? My first two are 22 mo. apart and my second and third are 19 (this was hard) months apart.

I would SO welcome tips on what it's like or how you've make the age difference and your larger family work -- schedules, affordability, fitting everybody in the house, anything really. I am a SAHM, and we would really like to TTC again soon, but I am a little worried about how to make it all work. THANK YOU!
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Postby MomTo2Boys » Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:11 am

I'm only on my third - and we are stopping there. I'll have 3 under 3. My first two are 14.5 months apart and the second two will be about 15.5 months apart.

I think it's a little harder when they are so little, because they need different kind of attention (baby's want to be held, toddler want to play) but now that DS2 is getting older I can do things with them together at the same time. They love playing with each other now, and keep each other entertained. They are pretty much on the same schedule now, which helps out a lot.
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