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Talking (An almost 2 y/o)

Mon Jun 06, 2011 1:17 pm

My 23 month old son doesn't really talk that much I don't think. He says some words, Mommy, Daddy, bite, thank you, bye bye, drink...wowowowowowowow for wow wow wubbzy... but few and far between and not too many words put together, hardly ever.

Is this something I should be concerned with? And what are your 23/24 month olds saying?

Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:54 pm

My son said hardly anything before he turned two in Feb (although he did use a handful of signs). Since then, we've had a language explosion! He picks up new words usually every week or so and strings 2-3 words together. At his well-child check, the dr suggested speech therapy, but the therapist said she didn't feel that we really needed to see her with how clearly he can get point across and communicate, with various methods (combo of speech, signing and pointing at things and pictures). She said if he didn't continue to show progress, then she would like to see him.

If he is communicating with you, I'd give him 6 months before you start worrying too much. One thing my mom reminded me of was to slow down when I speak to DS so it's easier for him to hear what I'm actually saying. It really seemed to help him start talking.

Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:47 pm

We started speech therapy for my son at around 20 months. He was only saying about 10 words at that time and he qualified for speech services. We had a lot of people tell us "oh don't worry about it, he'll talk when he's ready" and that may have been true. But we decided to get the services for him anyway. Honestly I would prefer to get him help now rather than let him potentially fall really far behind later on.

His speech therapist said that at 24 months they should be saying around 50 words and start putting together two word sentences. By the time he was 24 months, he was probably close to 50 words (maybe not quite) and was putting together 2 word sentences so he's made some good progress.

If you are concerned you can always get him assessed to see if he would qualify for services.

Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:32 pm

We also did speech therapy. I got the ball rolling at about 18 months but things took FOR-EVER...then I finally got in touch with EI (early intervention) through the state and things moved fairly quickly. They started OT and speech therapy at 25 months. They didn't say many words either at that point.

EI told us that if they aren't stringing many 2-3 words together then they would probably qualify for speech delay. But always keep in mind, that every child is different and learn at they're own pace.

They've been in it since Oct 2010 and have been doing great and love it! They learned to sign, know the entire alphabet and can count to 20 and are much better and communicating to us.

I wouldn't wait too long because if your son does qualify, you would want to do it before he turns 3, I think at that age they "age out" and then would be evaluated for pre-school. My boys are being evaluated in the next few months and will be starting preschool the day after they turn 3 yo.

Fri Jun 10, 2011 5:32 pm

I'd start by asking your pediatrician. My 17 month old has 20- 30 words...
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