She's testing me.. with everything

Solid foods. Babbling. Teething molars. Behavior changes. First words and sentences. Learning and growing fast.

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She's testing me.. with everything

Postby babyhelstrup » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:17 pm

She is only 17 months and she is testing everything. She wont sit in her high chair but wants to sit in our chair to eat. Throws her dinner or drink o the ground when she is done or does not want it anymore. Fights me on everything. I ask her to pick up toys or whatever which we made a game before and now it is a battle... Daycare says that she is starting the "terrable two's"

How do you deal w/ the testing stage..? I get made and say NO sterly and she sometimes crys. I make her sit to eat and she crys. Basically anytime I make her follow directions she gets mad... Do I need to get a time out chair? I do believe in spankings but not at this age. When she does go to touch i do flick her or smack her hand.. but it does not seem to phase her.
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Postby Egray » Wed Jun 15, 2011 6:15 pm

Well, my girls were acting the same way in their high chairs so I got them a little kids table (little tikes) and now they sit down at their table and eat like big girls.

Amazingly they sit there and eat and magically stopped throwing their food, plates and silverware everywhere......

As far as the rest. I ignore the bad behavoir and praise the good. I think that at this age they don't care what kind of reaction they get out of you as long as its a reaction.

I can tell the girls no and they laugh. Its frustrating but I personally pick my battles with them at this point.
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Postby KimmyH » Thu Jun 16, 2011 9:27 am

My DD is 16 months and I don't really do any real discipline yet, just positive reinforcement when she follows directions and redirection when she is doing something she shouldn't be. I try not to let whining and tantrums be an effective form of communication for her, and I try to get her to repeat the word for what she wants before I give it to her (assuming I know what she is wanting). When she throws her food or drink from the high chair, I tell her "uh oh, now your food is all gone because you threw it on the floor" and she has to sit in her chair without it while we finish our meal or wait a few minutes before giving it back to her if I know she is still hungry. I try not to overuse "No" and use "danger, yucky" and "ning-a-ning-a-new" (which seems to get her attention better than no and is much cuter when she says it back to me :lol: )
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Postby NotBarbaraBush » Sun Jun 19, 2011 8:51 am

We now use boosters when eating out as she refuses the highchair. At home she will sit in her booster chair b/c I get her food ready and she lets me know when she wants to sit in it. Anticipate when she is finished with her food if possible.

As for tantrums, usually she is tired when she has them so I'm patient. I first offer hugs/love and back off if she needs her space. When she is finished, I'm there to hold her. Lately looking at her while she is tantrumming makes it worse lol.
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