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Postby sweetpnaigee » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:19 pm

So I am starting school this Sept and my son will be 14 months then. I will be taking English online and Psychology at school. He is still mostly on breast milk and barely eats solids. he takes a sippy but not so much when its milk. What should I do?? And of course, how to deal with a toddler while doing homework and everything? 8O


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Postby oktober84 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 7:16 am

I dont know if this will be of help but I went to school full time when DD was 16 months olds and she had very similar problems. She was a picky eater who hated sippy cups and really didnt enjoy solids. I know that this is horrible but when I started school she had no choice to learn to like her solids and her sippy cup. There was just nothing else that we could do. She rebelled the first 2-3 days rejecting anything that daycare her daddy would give her. But she learned real quick that mommy was away most of the day and if she wanted to relieve the hungry feeling she had to eat what was given to her. As for the homework part I picked a time every day (usually 8-9pm) to do my homework. This time worked perfect for us because her dad would give her a bath for 1/2 hour and let her play in the water then he would take his time getting her dressed and comb her hair and what not to just to pass time to 9pm. Then I would come in and breastfeed her for about 20 mins until she fell asleep and if I still had homework left to do then I would continue on.

If you are doing courses online my best advice to you is to do your studying and online course while baby takes his naps. Even if that means training him to drop his morning nap and having only an afternoon nap so he sleeps longer then just an hour.

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