One year old

Solid foods. Babbling. Teething molars. Behavior changes. First words and sentences. Learning and growing fast.

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One year old

Postby liciasBFPfeb3rd » Sat Oct 22, 2011 4:48 pm

Hi Ladies,
Isaiah just turned one year old on the 11th and I was wondering about other babies development at this point.

Isaiah's favorite word is "Ball".. ("Bawl" in his country voice). He is able to point out a ball when he see's one, and will go get one of his balls when you ask where it is. Anything round is a "bawl".. LOL

He knows the meaning of "No" and also know's his name.

When someone says "Aww" he will pick something up and hug it. (It is TOO cute)

When you say "Give it to me" or hold your hand out, he will give it to you..

I really am just wondering about the vocab.
Isaiah can say

Bawl (ball)
Kee-Kee (thats the kitty cat)
Num Num (when he is hungry or eating something he likes)
and he will rawr when he sees a dinosaur...

Does it soind like he's on track?
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Postby erica_h07 » Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:49 am

Yes. Sounds like he's doing great for his age :)
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