Potty Trning- Great at daycare... trouble at home

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Potty Trning- Great at daycare... trouble at home

Postby babyhelstrup » Fri Nov 25, 2011 2:50 pm

We are starting week 2 on PTing. I am not expecting miracles and know that it will take time but DD does great at daycare. Goes each time they put her on the potty (#1 and #2) Week 1 (3 days) had 1 accident each day and then week 2 had 0 accidents for 3 days as daycare..... But once she is at home I have such trouble getting her to either go potty or sit on the potty. Then we have sooo many accidents. I will put her on and nothing and then 5 min later she has an accident. Today she pooped on the floor right in front of my DSS and he had no clue. I am so pissed and DH does not seem to be helping much.

She goes to daycare 4 days a week and i have her 3. I dont get it.
I am doing what daycare does and I dont have the same success. I dont want to fight her to get her on the potty at home. And birbing w/ m&m's gets old because I dont what to load her up on them.. But all these accidents at home are making me wonder what I am doing wrong.
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