Anyone weaned paci around age 3?? (xpost)

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Anyone weaned paci around age 3?? (xpost)

Postby dee12h » Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:27 pm

I am having some major anxiety her ladies! I told DH I would take the paci away at age 3. He has become even more addicted the past couple months- maybe because now I am talking about it, trying to prepare him? He has started going in his room for a "rest" just so he can get in bed & have it.

It is not causing any problems. He speaks very well for his age, and I read the dentists don't really care until age 4. He STTN since about 8 months. He goes down VERY well for naps & bedtime, has since 8mo. I am so scared to mess with that.

He also has a taggie blankie that he's very attached to, and we will let him keep that.

I tell him he can take it to the store & exchange it for a toy. he wants to do that until bed or nap time (it has been for sleeping only for over a year.) Then he says, "I don't want a new train. I want my paci." He turns 3 on Sept 5. I am scared we are in for some serious issues/screaming. Plus, my 8 mo old still doesn't STTN, and I really don't know if I can handle 2 not sleeping @ this point! Please help! Any experience??
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Postby Jamm » Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:30 pm

My sister and my niece lived with me when her paci was taken away at about 2 1/2. She went to visit her dad for the weekend and he decided to take it away, what he did was throw them all out, like out of the house gone so she couldn't come across one or see it in the trash. He told her their dog Gus ate it and the store didn't have anymore. He did this Saturday morning and when she came home on Monday she was totally fine. Had no issues sleeping without it and if she did bring it up we just reminded her that silly Gus ate it and the stores didn't have anymore. Once in a great while ( like 3 times in the past 6 months) she will ask if the store has anymore but we just say no and shes fine with that.

It really wasn't a big deal for her to have it taken away(her mom was also afraid of the not sleeping and crankiness the next day) and before he did that she used it all the time! The only time she didn't have it in her mouth was when she was talking, eating, drinking or outside. She always wanted it as well. If we went to go somewhere she always asked for it(to use while in the car). She would stress out trying to find one if she lost it. I mean she had them all.the.time!
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