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First Birthday Celebration

Thu Dec 31, 2015 12:47 am

Baby has only one first birthday—so you want to make that party count. Below are some easy ways to celebrate the best birthday party for your One year toddler.

You want your friends and family to be able to attend the party, so if baby’s birthday falls on a weekday, the weekend before or after is a good bet. Plan the party for after nap time, so she’s well rested . Limit the bash to a few hours rather than an all-day affair—parties can be overwhelming for small children, especially if there are a lot of guests. And hold the party in a venue that has a private quiet space, so if baby needs a breather or gets fussy, you can take her there.
1. How many to invite
2. Where to have it
3. How to choose a theme
4. How to budget and DIY
5. What to serve
6. Party favors

Re: First Birthday Celebration

Sat Dec 09, 2017 5:10 am

First birthday party of a child is one of the most memorable parties you can throw in your lifetime. By giving away personalized party favors boxes filled with some great treats and gifts can make the first birthday party of your child really a memorable one. It is simply fun and can be excellent, so I think choosing favors carefully while planning a party can make a memory for life.

Re: First Birthday Celebration

Sat Apr 07, 2018 1:21 pm

First birthday is the most important birthday to celebrate and have party even though your child won't remember it when he/she grows up and still don't understand this is still the best birthday to have party.
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