Preemiemummys baby daniels room UPDATE!!

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Postby preemiemummy » Thu May 10, 2007 12:10 am

I just keep saying things like "when the baby" this or "the baby" rather than he or she and if people ask me about names It talk about girls names not boys names! you could only imagine the flack I would get if I said it was a boy and it did come out a girl imagine if his bits fall off, all I would here is OH she really wanted a BOY thats why she said it was a boy! so I figured I just wouldnt say anything at all, I just keep saying its a surprise! or I didnt ask! I know bit of a lie but I was worried they were wrong! still am kind of. 8O

I have brought things on trademe (NZ equivalant of ebay) and second hand so everything all his clothes and bedding have arrived through the mail box wrapped up!

I think my oldest girl knows but is in denial! :lol:
dd#2 Mikayla really wants a girl called emma or Chrystal :roll:
but she likes a boy at school calledaniel so she will probably love him because of his name!

Megan said Jesus told her she is getting a baby brother!
we wont argue with that one, she says some very amazing things our sweet megan.

and tahlia DD#4 has a speech delay so noone understands her anyway@ :lol:

I have drummed into them all we want is a healthy baby it doesnt matter if its a boy or a girl so long as it stays in there and is healthy, Caitlin remembers the other two girls in NICU and I think it hit her hard.

she remembers only be able to put her hand throgh the glass incubator and she could only touch her leg or finger and not even stroke the baby because it hurts them, because their skin is so immature.

it has been easy keeping it from family they live hours away from us :)
and I have been hiding everything till this past week in my dresser! :D

people are going to get one heck of a shock. when they see his wardrobe! :lol:

we have not told any friends or family at all I have only told you ladies here I had to beg DH to let me!
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