Colic Babies

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Colic Babies

Postby Brettys_Girl » Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:42 pm

For about 2 months we struggled with Blake & colic (great that his block period of nastiness started at 2am)

We tried Gripe Water - it worked for my sister & the Early Childhood Nurse originally recommended it but it only helped for a little while.

At an antenatal class reunion one of the ladies there had a similar problem that she "fixed" & told me her secret.. I will pass it on to u :)

Brauer's Colic Relief... baby takes 1mL every 4hrs.
It's an all natural product with mag phos as an active ingredient.

Blake is about 90% better now :)

Wishing u all the same luck/blessings.

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