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Wed May 26, 2010 8:57 am

Anyone ever have to deal with this issue? At my 18w and 22 week u/s there was nothing showing up as being wrong. I had an u/s 2 weeks ago and the babies lateral ventricles were measuring 11mm. This is considered mild, but based on being high risk for DS and this issue showing up I decided to do an amnio. The reports have all come in and there is nothing abnormal in the amnio results. 97% of these cases it ends up being nothing, but after going through everything else I can't help but worry. Just curious if anyone else has been thru or knows someone who has gone through dealing with this.


Also, not sure if size makes a different. Currently I am 35 1/2 weeks and the bab is measuring 8lbs.

Fri May 28, 2010 7:31 am

YES! And I was scared to death, my baby measured 11 mm on one side and I think 11.5 on the other at an US I had scheduled to check my cervical length (I had a preemie as a first baby so based on my age with my 3rd, 39, they had me come if for US once a month) I can tell you this, there were 3 of us on this board who all had the same scare and all of our babies are fine! In fact if you are carrying a male it seems to be much more the case that these elevated measurements are not really a big deal in the absence of other abnormal findings on the US.

I swear it has to do with large head size, my first son, whom I did not have multiple US with has a giant head, but is otherwise fine and my son who had the large ventricles also has a big head (95th percentile at last appt, but no where as near as giant as my other son who at 2 could wear my husbands baseball hats) There is a lot of controversy over these borderline ventricle measurements. Since you had an amnio done I really, really would feel pretty confident that all is fine.


Fri May 28, 2010 6:55 pm

Thanks for sharing your story, makes me feel a bit more relieved. Unfortunately, as Im sure you went through it too, nothing makes ya feel better until you're certain. I guess that will come with birth. = )

Fri May 28, 2010 8:14 pm

I always debate whether to answer this question, as we never had any real answers as to what caused Connor's issues and I don't want to make anyone more scared than they need to be, but while most cases of ventriculomegaly are fine as pp said, it was not the case for me.

Ventriculolmegaly was one of the few signs that showed up on Connor's u/s. (mild - 11mm ventricules) ( But that was in combination with polyhydramnios (too much amniotic fluid) and a couple of other soft markers - slightly short femurs, echogenic bowel)

When he was born, he was not breathing, and had 6 instances of seizures causing desats in the first 24 hours. Seizure monitoring at about 6 weeks showed he was having abnormal brain activity, prior to that they couldn't manage to catch the seizures to record them. He had multiple other issues, but a MRI at about 6 weeks, did show there was restricted growth in the prefrontal and frontal lobes (which early ventriculomegaly can indicate may be happening). it also showed evidence of a prior bleed, and bilateral choroid plexus cysts.

I'm not sure exactly which of those issues caused his brain problems but ventriculomegaly for us was a true indicator that there were problems. I really really hope that it is not the case for you.

Sat May 29, 2010 8:00 am

Thanks for sharing that. I''ve researched on my own and there really isn't that much information from other parents in regards to their experiences. This showed up on a 33 week u/s. It was not present at 18w or 22w. I did have a fetal MRI and they noted the same findings that the ventricles were measuring 11mm. They also noted that the corpus collosum (part that connects right and left hemispheres) was not really viewable. They noted it was probably due to fetal movement and based on the slices. I do have excess fluid. I was 27 and this past tuesday it was 24.7 which I believe is the high end of normal. All the other structures were noted to be present and normal. Sometimes I wish they wouldn't tell us anything unless they really knew. Worrying is something I didnt want to spend this pregnancy doing.

Sat May 29, 2010 11:42 am

Just piping in here as well. I KNOW it isn't the same thing, but at my 20 week u/s they didn't see a part of the brain that is invovled in the corpus colosum. I'm going to the Peri this week. they didn't say ANYTHING to me about ventrigulomegaly, but now i'm wondering. What does your perinatologist say about all this?? It's weird that they didn't see the corpus collosum for sure but they're assuming it is because of wiggly baby. I'm sure you'd feel more comfortable with definite answers. Hopefully everything resolves itself soon. HUGS for all the stress!!

Sat May 29, 2010 1:19 pm

Hang in there, more cases then not in absence of other soft markers baby is 100% fine, in fact they are even considering changing the measurements because male 11 mm measurements are usually benign, something like 80% or greater of the time.

Macleesy, I am so sorry that in your babies case all did not turn out to be fine, my heart just aches for you and makes me want to hug my screaming 1 year old (who had the supposed large ventricles) even when he is driving me crazy, I thank God he is here to do that.

Also from my research these enlarged ventricle measurement seem to be a much worse indicator of an abnormality in female babies for some reason. You seem to be handling this very well, but feel free to PM me if you start to get worried or scared.


Re: ventriculomegaly

Thu Mar 22, 2018 5:59 pm

My Husband and I received very upsetting MRI results surrounding our babies brain/VM measurements on Feb 12th which turned out to be wrong. The last two weeks have been hell for us. We flew down to San Francisco last weekend and had back to back meetings with Dr. Audry Foster Baber( ... ter-barber) a fetal neurologist who specializes in VM's on Monday and Tuesday to learn more about ventrikulomegaly. Our first neurologist at Ceders read the VM to be 14mm which is borderline sever for brain damages. Chris and I were devastated. We then started to question the original results and planned our trip to SF to talk with a fetal neurologist that specializes in VM’s. On Monday I went in for another MRI and ultra sound with "state of the art" new MRI machines at UCSF. The results were normal with healthy brain function!!!Dr. Audrey Foster Barbra from UCSF is the only fetal neurologist that specializes in VM’s in California which is shocking. I can’t imagine the families that don’t have the financial means to travel or insurance to see her and then go through with a late termination. Chris and I cried then she told us the initial readings was wrong. The babies head was on a tilt which made the pocket of fluid look a lot bigger in the MRI. Dr. Audrey actually told us there are few radioligist and Fetal Nuro doctors in America that can read VM MRI's properly. It’s been such an intense journey…not to mention I had a kidney infection through all of this which is slowly repairing itself. I wanted to reach out to you all of you and say " your not alone" and ALWAYS get a second option. Dr. Audrey see's new parents from all over the world and she mentioned to us that she might start doing skype sessions with patients. Please reach out to her and her amazing team to get a second option.
Sending you all strength and love.

Jasmin and Christopher.
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