High NT measurment at Anomoly Scan and scared

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High NT measurment at Anomoly Scan and scared

Postby Earthmomma » Mon Oct 13, 2008 3:34 pm

Me and my husband had a high NT reading at 13.1 weeks of 3.1 "normal" was up untill 3.0 and that was high normal, combined with my blood test i was given a 1/671 chance of DS and a 1/212 chance of Trisomy 13/18 we took these odds and declined an amnio, everything has been fine until the Anomaly Scan...everything was measuring right, the Head,nasal bone,stomach,kiddnies,bladder,spine,femur and tibb and fluid int he brain, along with the brain all were within normal range, once they got to the heart they found a Calcification spot but we were told so far that was our only marker and she see's the spot multiple times a day but doesnt necessarily mean anything bad and baby looks normal other than that...then when she went to measure the NT again it was 6.4....she said cut off was 6.0....were really sad and scared...we don't want to get an amnio because we fear for the baby but this is grueling wondering if my baby is going to live...has anyone else out there had a high NT at anomaly....iv been searching the internet for 4 days straight and cant find a single thing on normal measurements at 20 weeks, i was 21.3 weeks when we had our Anomaly scan.....i want to know if we should be worried and what we should do...i just need someone to talk too who knows what im going through..i haven't bought a single thing for this baby and i have all this fear, im actually sad and tired of being pregnant...i have no desire to buy anything, to set up nursery or pick names because im so scared this baby will have Trisomy 13/18 and will not survive...we plan on carrying this child to term no matter what and this is why we declined the amnio...i dont know if our odds have changed or what...were so sad and scared...someone please talk to me or show me a board that i can talk to someone on
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Postby Miracle » Tue Oct 14, 2008 8:07 am

BeanieBaby, First and foremost CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy!!

I am so sorry you and your husband are going through this.....I do know what you both are going through......

At 11 1/2 weeks we had our 1st trimester screening and they found excessive fluid on the back of our daughters neck. It was ranging between 3.3 and 3.5 (I did not do the blood work). Our High risk OB Dr. stated that based on the excessive fluid found on the back of her neck put us at a high risk for chromosomal abnormalities and/or a congenital heart problem. We were told we needed to schedule a CVS and an amino immediately. We declined both tests as we were too afraid of losing our baby. For the next 6 weeks I worried, cried, and did countless hours of research on the Internet. I found both positive and negative results/stories, and found myself lost and scared....

At 16 weeks we had our anatomy scan and to every one's surprise everything checked perfectly!! I was told she indeed was doing fantastic and was healthy. They still insisted on having a fetal-echo cardiogram, which I was all for. So, at 21 weeks we went in for her fetal echocardiogram and her heart was perfect! With every appt., I went weekly from that point on. Everything indicated we were having a perfectly healthy lil girl, yet at each appt. the Dr. would say "there are NO guarantees"!! I grew to hate those four words but, will admit they were the very words that got me through the first few days of my beautiful, healthy lil girls life!!

I did find a place that I feel would be very helpful to you right now, I found much peace from this sight and now use it to learn all I can as our daughter Kara was born with Down syndrome. I'm not sure I can share it here, however, I will send you a PM. I found stories of women my age (39) having excessive fluid and excessive skin-nuchal fold and went on to have healthy children without any chromosomal abnormalities and/or congenital heart problems. And found a few that did have a child born with Down syndrome. I am not familiar with Trisomy 13 or 18, never did any research on those. Most of my research was Down syndrome and congenital heart problems. but, I do feel you will get allot of support and help from the site I'm going to PM you.

I know you are scared, worried, maybe even angry--All of which are very normal reactions to unfavorable news...I suppose the "Not Knowing" factor has you and your husband most upset. I just hate it for you. As far as recommendations--I would have a fetal echo cardiogram done, just to rule out any major problems. NOT saying there will be any!

But, please know you can talk to me or ask me anything!!! I hope this helps in some way, maybe knowing your not alone will help. I need to feed my daughter, and will PM you shortly!!

Please know you, your husband and your precious child will be in my thoughts and prayers!!

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Postby mrsjoh » Sat Oct 18, 2008 3:14 am

just read your reply on another post, so happy to hear that your baby's heart is perfect !
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