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GD Blood sugar question

Tue Nov 22, 2016 6:46 pm

I had pre diabetes before I got pregnant. My doctor is considering me diabetic and having me check my sugar levels. I have a range of 90-110 when I wake but I take levothroxine and it can rise your sugar. I take it at 4:40 and go back to sleep. I do this because you have to wait an hour before you eat. So I eat at between 6-7 and in the morning I can't eat carbs or my sugars go to high. He wants them between 90 and 110 2hrs after a meal. Today my sugars stayed under 110 2 hrs after a meal until 4:30. I was hungry around 1:30 but my mom was getting off and wanted to eat together and she thought she would be there by 3 so I waited. I fell asleep and did t end up eating until 4:30. I ate some nuggets with a little bit of ketchup and 2hrs later my sugar was 131. Ive eaten this before and it usually stays around 108. Is it just a random rise? And If I am being considered diabetic already will the do the blood test sooner?
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