Fya Antibodies

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Fya Antibodies

Postby jleroux30 » Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:13 pm

Does anyone have any experience or info on Fya Antibodies and pregnancy.
When I had a miscarriage in Jan they discovered that I carry antibodies for FYA. I probably developed them after a blood transfusion 5 years ago. They tested my husband and he doesn't carry the FYA protein in his blood and we were told not to worry about it in future pregnancies, as my blood wouldn't attack the baby's blood if he/she didn't have the protein. Now that I'm 8 weeks pregnant they have found that my FYA count is going up...
I'm confused as to why this would happen if there is no chance that my baby carries the protein...
I see the high risk pregnancy doctor on Friday for some answers, but am going to worry like crazy until then...
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Re: Fya Antibodies

Postby MohawkPrincess » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:58 pm

I'm sorry I didnt see this post sooner! I was diagnosed with anti c antibodies. My was a carrier and our daughter was born affected with positive coombs test. I see you're 34 weeks now, what are they doing for you? I had monthly monitoring of my titers and weekly (sometimes more depending on the MCA results) ultrasounds. Our daughter was admitted to the NICU at 14 hours old ( I work L and D and convinced them to let me keep her until the blood test results) She was in the NICU under triple light therapy for 6 days.. She is now a perfect, thriving almost 6 month old with no issues. I am going for a follow up appointment on Jan 7th at the liver clinic.. Another website has an entire forum dedicated to antigen pregnancies.. If you're interested or have any more questions feel free to pm me!
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