Help=( Very confused

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Help=( Very confused

Postby MASHINKA » Mon Jan 07, 2013 1:30 pm

First of all thank you for taking the time to read this =)

I had my last "real" period Nov 18th. That cycle I got my BFP, only to find out that it was probably a chemical, since I started bleeding on Dec 14th. I went to my OB, they did a u/s and confirmed that my uterus was empty. They also did a urine preg test, which was negative. I saw it myself, it had the faintest of faint lines, and prior to that my lines were dark. So for sure I had lost it. I took an opk (evening urine) about 5 days after the u/s and it was positive. I figured it was the left over hcg or something. So just to be sure, I took another the next day with fmu and it was negative. Both tests were digis. So I thought hmm, could I have really just O'd so soon? Then about only a week after that, I took another opk, and to my surprise it was positive again! I took a digi and a wondfo, both super dark lines! Im thinking what da,,,,,? I had one CB Digi HPT left. So I decided eh why not! I dipped it in the same urine and instantly the digi read "PREGNANT" . Imagine my shock!!! So I ran to the dollar store for more tests, all positive. Test line not as dark as control, but positive. So im thinking, is it left over hcg? Is it a new pregnancy? How can it be so fast?!

I was not planning on going to the OB until I was at least 6 weeks, I could not take the disapointment of not seeing anything on the ultrasound again. Anyway,,,, yesterday I started pink spotting, which quickly turned into red. At the same time I had horrible cramping. I knew for sure im having another miscarriage. However the bleeding never turned heavy. Just a teaspoon or so here and there. Weird. By afternoon the pain worsened, and pain meds would not help. The pain was a little bit different too. It was more towards my right side, and radiating into my right hip and inside of thigh. I couldnt even stand on my leg. They pain was intolerable. I was crying. I figured something is wrong. So DH took me to the ER. They of course did a vaginal u/s and did not see a baby anywhere, however they did see fluid around my ovary. They said I just had a cyst rupture and that is what caused all the pain. They took labs, and my hcg was at 100. That would put me in the 2-3 week range. Now they said if it is a new pregnancy, 2-3 weeks is too early to see anything on the u/s. But if its left over hcg, then its probably going to keep decreasing. This is such a horrible rollercoaster! And nothing explains the bleeding.

So I guess the question is, could I really be preggo so soon? Coud an hpt pick up hcg at 2 weeks preggo? If its left over hcg, then the opk's would not have been negative at all. And if I really am preggo again, could I be loosing it again? Ugh has anyone had anything close to this? Has anyone had a cyst rupture? I had pain all yesterday and all night, and barely got to sleep around 5 am. They pain was constant non stop.

Ladies, any insight at this point is just so very appreciated. :(
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Re: Help=( Very confused

Postby Whisper342 » Tue Jan 08, 2013 10:04 am

It sounds to me like you had an ectopic pregnancy, when I did they never saw it on ultrasound but I had an IUD in and a positive hpt. I bled for weeks but did not have pain so I would not let them do a D&C, finally I found a doctor who said he saw a pocket of blood behind my uterus he gave me a depo shot that stopped the bleeding.
A level of 100 hcg is very high for an ectopic, I think, but I am not a doctor. If you are still pregnant just try to relax and wait and see maybe it will be fine only time will tell.
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