broken back, & 16 weeks pregnant

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broken back, & 16 weeks pregnant

Postby candybeers2011 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 1:53 am

Hi, I'm 16 weeks pregnant and have had a failed spinal fusion with a metal cage, and rods and doner bone put into the lumbar region of my spine just last year. Sadly, my spine never healed and now I've got even more and worse issues with my back including a severe herniated disc above my surgical site, spinal stenosis, loose bone fragments drifting around in there, and terrible nerve damage and worse of all a fractured spine in the lower region. I was told I had no chance of becoming pregnant my entire life due to the fact that I simply don't ovulate enough making it a tiny chance on top of ovarian cysts and cysts on my uterus; however now at age 33 I'm pregnant which despite the pain I'm incredibly happy about it it. My only concern is that I'm having a terrible time finding a doctor who will take me on with all my complications. We have called the high risk doctors here in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I've been turned down by 3 already making me feel very anxious and very, very upset and confused. I already have been told by all my spinal doctors that I'll require a c section under general because it won't be possible for me to give natural birth due to the hardware in my lower spine and the fact that my spine is so weak and unstable and so are my muscles. I understand that and it's not like I'm insisting on them doing anything that they think would be unsafe for me or the baby. I just need a doctor to help me is all. I can't even get a simple appointment so far and I'm in my 2nd trimester and so far the only doctor caring for me in my primary doctor who is also getting annoyed at these local obgyns who claim to specialize in high risk yet won't help me. If anybody has any advice on what I can do about this please let me know.
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Re: broken back, & 16 weeks pregnant

Postby MommaOreo » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:34 am

that is insane that you are being turned down. I would just keep calling every doctor in the area. I can't believe they would turn you down like that. I am high risk as well, no where near as many issues as you are having, but I hope you have found a DR by now. Good luck hun!
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Re: broken back, & 16 weeks pregnant

Postby MrsJenkins » Tue Jan 14, 2014 6:02 pm

I just wanted to say I really hope that you have found a care provider who can help you. I'm so sorry for the added stress that you are going through. I hope everything works out for you.
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