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Small babies?

Thu Mar 13, 2014 1:25 am

Sorry this is a repost as I have also asked my DDC

Has anybody else had smaller than normal babies?

Both me and DH are not very big people (everyone in his family are shorties) and DS was 7lb born at 41weeks but had "possible" IURG. Starting at 32 weeks it was noticed my fundal height was a bit low and was sent for a growth scan all his body was measuring normal between 40th-50th percentile but abdomen was only in the 5th percentile. From there I had regular growth scans usually weekly and was called up to hospital at 36 and half weeks to be induced but then was sent home later that day because he was still putting on weight and they thought it better to keep him in for as long as possible and was able to go into labour naturally and birth at the birth centre like planned to a perfectly healthy 7lb baby.

But after my growth scan on Tuesday I was told baby was measuring small for her dates in the 18th percentile and although 18th % is not considered dangerous or bad but they said it's more of a concern when baby isn't growing correctly at this stage than later in the pregnancy like DS. I have a follow up growth scan in 4 weeks but will get the official date from midwife some time over the next few days. 

Now I'm over the whole "its a girl" hype I'm starting to worry a little and of course stupidly freaked myself out googling! 

Re: Small babies?

Sat Mar 15, 2014 5:23 pm

I think those things can be wrong very much. On the day i had my son, they did an u/s estimating around 6 40 weeks. He was born later weighing 9lbs 1 oz! And my last baby was only 6 lbs. I have 11, this is my 12, and it seems that their weight is as individual as they are. I always measured behind in my last pregnancy. Try not to worry, most of the time those things are off. :)
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