Ultrasound result - Ovary problem

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Ultrasound result - Ovary problem

Postby asad111 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:32 am

There was irregular bleeding so I decided to take Pelvis ultrasound. The result and written report is attached here. The doctor said, there was some problem with ovaries. The text in report is not easy to read for me, can you please tell me what is written in report and what do you think about my situation.

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Re: Ultrasound result - Ovary problem

Postby cls+2 » Thu Apr 03, 2014 9:05 pm

Hi asad111,

Here's what it says:
Uterus is normal in size and anteverted with no mass or gestational sac. Ovaries are normal in size. Multiple small cystic masses are seen in both ovaries could be due to hyperstimulated ovaries. No ascites is seen.

So, what this means is there is no sign of a pregnancy (sorry!). He says your ovaries are normal size with small cysts and he refers to ovarian hyperstimulation...did you do ivf? I had severe ovarian hyperstimulation with my ivf and my ovaries were HUGE (still are 6 weeks later-and they're uncomfortable!) so I don't think it makes much sense that he mentions hyperstimulation. No ascites also refers to ovarian hyperstimulation. Ascites is the medical word for free fluid in the abdominal cavity. With hyperstimulation (in case you don't know) your ovaries begin leaking fluid into your abdominal space. This is very uncomfortable--you would know if you have it! And you would look swollen and pregnant.

I hope this at least sortof helps! Good luck!
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