3rd Pregnancy. HX of Pre-term Labor!!!

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3rd Pregnancy. HX of Pre-term Labor!!!

Postby livelaughlove11 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:33 pm

Hello Ladies, This is my 3rd pregnancy...

I had my daughter at 35 weeks and 5 days. Came to the hospital at 4cm dilated. She was 6lbs 1 oz. Had Jaundice.I had my son at exacty 34 weeks. Came to the Hospital 7cm Dilated. They had the NICU team ready but he was born 6lbs 4oz (way bigger than expected) He also had Jaundice and had trouble keeping his temperature up but did not get admitted to the NICU.
So through-out both of my pregnancies I had contractions starting at 20 weeks and never stopped. With my second pregnancy, they gave me progesterone shots..had a quite 1 week hospital stays to stop my labor.

Im very concerned this time. Im wondering if you girls think a Cerclage is necessary? I met with a new Doctor as my last one moved, but he didnt seem too concerned Since my babies werent (micro-premies)

I am very thankful that I I was able to carry both of my kids as long as I did.. Im just stressing this time.
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Re: 3rd Pregnancy. HX of Pre-term Labor!!!

Postby Jessie L » Fri Jun 20, 2014 6:53 am

how far are you now and have you had any symptoms of it this go around? hopefully you carry a few weeks longer but it sounds like youve had some really good luck with bigger babies even if they came early. i went into pre term last week at 34 weeks right on the dot but my contractions slowed tremendously after 2 days of bedrest and i only got to 1cm and 30% effaced. it seems to have backed off, and babies movement has returned to normal. they arent sure what caused it. my little one is tiny though, only 4lbs. and 2 growth scans and a BPP show she is not growing like she should (she is now almost 3 weeks behind) so i was diagnosed with IUGR a few days ago. I am on modified activity but spend most of it in bed. Her cord flow looks good so they arent sure if its the placenta or because im just really tiny. I had contractions for 5 days total before they petered out completely and it sucked so bad i wish'ed i had actually just gone into full labor and had her. Now we are worried she is not growing and may be suffering but they wont consider induction for two more weeks when we get another growth scan. Im glad they didnt induce me though because she is so small i guess if there is any chance at all she might gain even a few more ounces in weight and her organs MIGHT still be developing by chance.. i really dont want to see her in the nicu. I couldnt believe my doctors didnt put me on strict bedrest i had to do it myself i think if i would have went on with regular activity i would have definitely had a nicu baby on my hands by today.

They say not to worry and stress as it causes pre term labor. Easier said than done right!!!!!! Try to hang in there as long as you can and just go with the flow and try not to focus on it that's all you can do.

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