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Plz help is it miscarriage?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 12:11 am
by goharali4777
I am 31 years.
before 3 months me and my husband decied for our 1st baby.
My last manstral period date is 21-07-2016 manstral cycle is usually 25 or 26.
On 19-08-2016 i had a pregnancy test which came positive. For further confirmation i visited a medical centre where ultra sound reported fosal area was 6.5mm they asked to repeat the scan after 15 days. And suggested folic acid and dydrogesterone tablets two times a day in morning and evening after meal.

On 02-09-2016 scan show the result
foetus= single
gestational sac dia 14.4mm and gestational ages 5w 3d

On 16-09-2016 another scan was perform which showed the following result
Foetus = single
crown rump length = 15.1mm
Gestational age = 7w 6d
Cardiac activity = present
Amniotic fluid = adequate
This report make me satisfy that everything is going good. Sonologist told me that heart beat is normal as it should be... doctor asked me to visit after a month.
On 24-09-2016 at 9:00pm i felt bleeding like period when i checked it there was nothing but my urine colour was brown which make me worry after some time i found some brown spotting
Next day it was sunday and i could not find any physican to discuss my problem but another thing made me worried something like brown colour thick liquid material discharge from vagina.

26-09-2016 Next day i got appointement from doctor ultra sound report showed the following results

Crown rump length = 13.3mm
Gestational age = 7w 4d
Cardiac activity = not confirmed

To confirm the cardiac activity sonologist asked me to came again after 2 days

29-09-2016 ultrasound showed the following results

Crown rump length = 11.2mm
Gestational age = 7w 2d
Cardiac activity = absent

They told me that its a miscarriage and refer me to hospital for abbortion.

I was not mantally satisfied from the result so i decieded to go for a transvaginal ultra sound from some other place.
30-09-2016 following results came out

Crown rump length = 16.6mm
Gestational age = 8 w 1d
Cardiac activity = not present

This report made me cofused because in previous reports the crown rump lenth and gestational ages were declining but in this report everything was looking fine that should be at the moment just a cardiac activity was a thing to worry about.
So a question pop up in my mind that if crown rump length is normaly increasing. it must not be increase in absence of cardiac activity
So i had another ultrasound on the same date from some other place and did not showed the doctor any report or previous case history
Ultrasound showed the same results as the transvaginal showed. No cardiac activity found there also but the readings were same as transvaginal ultrasound showed
She adviced me to wait for 7 to 14 days and another ultrasound
But when i showed her the previous ultasound report 16-09-2016 she also suggested me to abort
I was just going to abort in services hospital but when i discussed my case with doctor who was going to perform abortion.
when she checked all the reports and had a ultrasound she said it might be possible that there would be some cardiac activity but not strong enough to detected by ultrasound machine so it might be possible that baby is growing slowly. i should wait for 1 week more and check the result of another ultrasound. In one week time i might have periods or bleeding. In case of bleeding they will prefer to abort.
02-10-2016 i had some bleeding but not much heavy bleeding... but was also not too much less that it should be called spotting..
bleeding stopped after half hour. After some time a little amount of blood came.
03-10-2016 in morning when i wakeup again noticed bleeding.
Now what i should do?
Still wait 7 days and see ultra sound report
Or go for abortion?
Another question.. crown rump length can be increase in absence of cardiac acitivity? If its increasing should i abort?
If every thing get better again than is it possible that child have some birth defect or abnormalities?