An update on my friend...

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An update on my friend...

Postby hopefullymommy » Wed May 13, 2009 12:13 pm

I know many of you have been praying for my friend... and here is an update on her, with new prayer requests.

She is currently 30 weeks, and until last weekend has had a fairly smooth sailing pregnancy, even with the problems with the baby. Last weekend she went to the ER with pain, and turns out there is pressure on (I believe) the tub running from HER kidney to her bladder, it is backing urine up and it's really painful, they have her on Vicadin. (I hope I explained that right... I was a little confused about it myself).. Well, while it *could* correct itself, and she can continue to carry, since the baby will not make it either way and it wouldn't be healthy to have her on pain killers for up to 10 more weeks, they have decided to go ahead and induce. She is scheduled to go in on the 25th to start the induction, and they will be putting a catheter to her uterus to inject a saline so the baby will have some fluid during labor and hopefully this way the cord will not be compressed, and her baby will be born alive so they have some time with him/ her however short it may be.

She is really having a hard time (of course) with this. She is having so many mixed emotions, but the major thing is that she is not ready to say goodbye, especially to say hello and goodbye all at once. She is also sad that she will not get her natural delivery, it was one last hope she had for the pregnancy :(

So, prayers for her are much appreciated, as usual. Thanks guys.
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Re: An update on my friend...

Postby JaneyP » Thu May 21, 2009 7:53 pm

God Bless Your friend and her family at this very hard and tragic time!
Be Strong for her, she really needs all the help she can get.
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