Please pray for my family

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Please pray for my family

Postby MrsSTyler » Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:22 pm

In the past week my world has fallen apart. DH has been incarcerated and will be for quite a long time, probably years. So I am on my own and he will miss everything with our daughter. I don't know if he can even be a part of her life when he gets out because of the circumstances. My family has been torn apart. And come to find out today that he had been cheating on me, different people different times, on and off since last summer. I am completely heartbroken and destroyed, if it weren't for my sweet LO I would have completely lost my mind. But it is getting harder and harder to stay strong and go about life like normal when it feels like a huge nightmare. So please pray for me and my little daughter and our well being because I am afraid.
Thank you so much, God bless
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Postby orionslight » Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:42 am

i will be praying for you. in know it is hard to imagine but it will get easier. and you will have your lo to focus on soon as well. i am sorry you are sad and hurting,but in the end your love for your sweet baby will help pull you through. good luck to you.
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Postby Nikkijames » Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:18 am

I will be praying for you. My dh died when my 5 and 6 yr olds were is difficult raising child(ren) alone but it can be done! God bless....KUP!
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Postby sherry2010 » Sat Aug 15, 2009 9:09 am

you know this is sad to read but reminds me a little but, of my own past. i got pregnant at 18, but my ex was very abusive. found out also when i was pregnant he had cheated, it rocked my world, and i wondered about diseases on top of my heart breaking, and my trust shattered. he to went into jail for awhile as well, unrelated, and that was actually in my case, when i felt most free, and was planning on leaving. the baby was all i had, the only hope for the rest of my life.

one day i went to my apt and it was broken into. he was on the coach with my positive pregnancy test, and book 'what to expect when you're expecting'. he was furious i hadn't told him about his child, and beat the *&$& out of me...i ended up losing my will to live...

so case in point, when you have nothing or noone, you WILL have that baby for always, and things WILL get easier and better over time. i never imagined my life ever being full after all of that, but i moved forward, i used that as a way to get the BEEP away from him, though there are days i STILL after all of this time, might glance over my shoulder, but my life is MY OWN. he robbed me of the only gift he ever gave me, but you still have yours, draw on him/her for strength when you need it, and also know that your own strength is more then you could EVER know.

GL so sorry, hugs, sherry
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