need prayers, so stressed

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need prayers, so stressed

Postby leelobdell » Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:25 am

my daughter kasie was born 5 years ago and she was a beautiful healthy baby. shortly after she turned 2 she began having these weird seizures where she would fall on the floor, stiffen up, make mouth and facial tics and cry. we finally got her into a neurologist and they have diagnosed her with epilepsy. they have tried 3 different meds in the past 3 years, and all start out working great, but end up not controlling the seizures, she still has 8-10 a day. she is starting school september 2nd and i know how mean kids can be and i am so worried for my precious angel. she loves everyone and i hate to think of people being cruel to her. please pray that we can find a medicine that will control her seizures. the neurologist told us that because of her young age, we are running out of meds that she can safely take. i feel so hopeless. i want her to have a normal life, i'm tired of crying all the time. i am so scared and so worried. sorry if i rambled, but i need to get this out. my dh says it is just the pregnancy hormones getting me wound up, but i have been dealing with the uncertainty for 3 years. i don't believe it's epilepsy because i feel like something should have controlled them by now. i think they diagnosed her with epilepsy just cause they don't know what it is. please pray, and if anyone knows a child with similar symptoms, please share.
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Postby itsamiracle » Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:42 am

Said a prayer for Kasie.
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