For my BFF

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For my BFF

Postby plumeriamommy » Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:54 pm

Her name is Lana. She was just laid off after about 5 years with this company. But 13 years in the biz with 2 associates degrees. She is/was the bread winner of the family. Her husband is a nurse part time (wants to be full time but they won't give him more hours).

This is the first time ever she's been out of work in her entire life. She's 34, pg with #4 and due next month. I've known her since we were both 15. They just bought a larger home early this year due to her nice income that was coming in. They still have their old mortgage that they are renting out to her sis and bil, but he is out of work too (since this past Spring) so she has 2 mortgages to cover and the sis won't move so she can rent to someone who can pay the rent even though they said they would. The sis doesn't work and is pg with their 2nd.

At first she wasn't worried bc they are giving her 12 weeks pay and she gets full disability for one year. But she doesn't want to be out of work and worries that after her six weeks with the new baby she won't be able to find another job even though she gets disability.

Please say a prayer for her and her family.

Thank you.
She's here!!!!!
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