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Need prayers for my family

PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 2:35 pm
by Lori05
My husband is not jobless. We have a toddler, and baby on the way. I am a stay at home mom, and terrified. Please pray he will get a job, and soon. I am so stressed, and so scared. We can't even buy gas this week :( I cannot calm down, I am so stressed. Prayers are so much needed.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:04 pm
by amylala
prayers sent...

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:41 pm
by wife4life
Praying for you...nothing is too big for God to handle.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 12:45 pm
by shellybean2010
Bless your heart I will def keep you all in my prayers.

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:09 am
by zoee
The child was hospitalized last February 2011.
and today we go again to the hospital because of her fever.
i know God will protect her child,especially my daughter.
she is very pity...i cant to see her again suffering putting a dextrose. :cry: