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SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 2:55 pm

hi ladies,

here is the new thread to keep the time we get to 20 pages all our wee ones will likely be here! :-)

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:16 pm

Hi Ladies,

Alright, have some time and on my actual computer so not on the darn iPad which makes things a lot easier to respond to everyone.

Kristen love the fact that you are no longer bleeding, woohoo!!! Zach spam is amazing, keep it coming. You gained 50 pounds with Zach, i forgot that...good for you on losing most of it... take it slow and it will be kept off, or that's what they say right! What breast pump are you using? I forget if we had discussed that in previous posts, I"m waiting to make sure I can bf before going to buy them, I am assuming double medela is what i've heard, but at 300$+ its a bit ridiculous.

Angel- oh my, that latest pic of little Ari in the hat w/ pom pom's is too cute, did someone make that hat? I can't believe you are going back to work so soon. I guess in US everyone is used to that, but I can't believe before my little one is here you'll be back into the swing of things. What is the deal for Ari while you work? I forget yet again. What pump did you buy also! Fenugreek eewww black licorice taste to me is one of the worst and I doubt any amount of honey would make it better for me. Wubbanubs are amazing! I had a friend who used to order them online from US for all her friends who were preggo and now we get them here in canada. I have the sheep already (think i have 2) and i just ordered online yesterday 3 more (giraffe, elephant and puppy). Kind of got attached to how darn cute they are!

Sylvie, wow so much swelling, at least you are almost done. I was worried about that as I already wear a size 10-11 and figured if they swelled i'd be going to work in UGGS as I can't wear sandals and quite frankly size 12 shoes are far so good, no change in size and no swelling. I was still and could probably still wear my wedding rings but got scared by others saying they had to have them cut off so now I don't even bother. I hear ya about getting emotional, on Super Bowl sunday dh was late picking me up to go to his aunts and by the time we got there they ate all the nachos and i was so mad that i yelled and cried and pouted downstairs away from the party because "he takes me for granted and makes me his last priority" so it wasn't only about nachos, just that he was late again and always is so i'm left waiting or alone and then this time i missed nachos (they ended up making more) but nonetheless his family thinks i'm a bitch and a nag already, but i only freak out when i am taken for granted or not listened to etc. had a bad experience w/ an ex where i never said anything and it didn't end well so now i'm all about the nagging oops.
can't believe you are 38 weeks, any day now, can't wait to hear about little Ari's arrival!!

Sarah- hoping you are feeling great and just over a week to go for you till you get to see little one on the u/s. Anymore symptoms? Keep us posted.

Jenn- that sucks about the CVS and rhogam shot etc, boo to them i hope you were able to sort it out before your appt today. How did it go today?

Roni- sorry to hear you pushed it, its amazing how stuff we did so easy now comes so much harder, i can't even get excited and talk without someone saying "my are you out of breath easily" argh! I suggest a prenatal massage, they are fabulous! i'm going to push my next one to next week, i hope my doc will write a prescription so I can get insurance money back.

AFM 33 weeks today, and doing my first week of training w/ my replacement. She has been w/ our company for 12 years but not in my division so lots to learn, and she goes in mid march to training then will come back and be alone, so for now just getting her to meet customers and see cases and evaluations w/ doctors! today also felt like I had the baby tickling my cervix? not sure if anyone ever felt that? I want to know if baby is head down, as i do feel pain up by ribs and lots of waves and movement on my right side and feel like bum/back is often there, but I have no clue. i hope my doc will do an u/s next thursday at my appt!

Anyways, hope everyone is doing great, sorry for people i missed or repeated etc!


Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:22 pm

Roni: Yay for the floors coming along nicely. Sorry to hear you over did it and agree with Angel that a massage might be in order.

Jenn: How much does the the prescription cost? I'm sure glad that I didn't have to worry about that because my blood type is A positive. That is such a pain about you insurance!! I'm glad i'm Canadian when I hear you guys talk about all the costs and worrying about insurance and appointments. Our health care system is FREE, so doctors appointments, ultrasounds, blood work, hospital care, and when you give birth are all covered under the system. We do have to pay out of pocket for prescriptions, but if you have a plan covered under your work (like I do) then the plan works at ANY pharmacy I go to. It never has to be a specific one.

Sylvia: Are you feeling any Labour is going to be soon pains? Has Ari dropped? Did you lose any of your mucous plug? Are you dilated? DETAILS GIRL!

Angel: that picture you just posted is so freakin adorable!! I love the hat! Where did you get it? I started taking fenugreek and holy does it ever work!! I have to stop though because it is making both me and Zach gassy as hell. Poor guy only sleeps for 2 hours at a time now because he keeps waking himself up with huge farts that wake me up because I can hear them through the monitor! Then once he wakes himself up with a fart he realizes he wants to eat a little and screams bloody murder! Typical man! I can't believe you are going to work already!! I don't go back until the end of November 2014.... $890 every two weeks through the government while i'm on maternity leave. It's pretty awesome to get paid to look after my little guy. However, i'm totally with you on going stir crazy! I miss work alot and want to use my brain again.

Blaire: I have a medela swing pump (it is a single pump) and a mipump by first years (got it at walmart for $100). The cheap pump does work well, but I by far prefer the medela, it is more efficient and portable.

I'll give you ladies my take on the must haves ;)

I am a believer in the disposable breast pads! I had alot of problems with the reusable ones sticking to my nipples when they were cracked and sore and there was nothing worst than tearing a breast pad stuck to your painful nipple. I started using the disposable ones after the first incident of that and have not had any issues since.

I agree with Angel on having more than one set of pumping attachments... it is such a pain in the bum having to wash and santitize all the time. On that note I swear by the medela steam sanitizer bags for your pump attachments. All you do it put 2 ounces of water in the bottom of the steam bag, pop in the attachments (after they have been washed and rinsed), stick that puppy in the mirowave for 1 and a half minutes and VOILA sterilized parts!! you can use one pack over 20 times and here 5 bags are only like $10 bucks!! I have used the bags to sanitize bottles if my baby brain has gotten the best of me and I needed one quick.

I also agree with Angel on a sound machine.... I will add this though. Make sure you get one that DOES NOT TURN OFF! The sleep sheep, twilight turtle, etc. all turn off after 15 minutes... the problem with this is that once your baby starts developing permanency (remembering what was on when they went to sleep, or who was holding them, etc.) they may scream for their sound machine when they wake up in the middle of the night to find it turned off. So if you invest in one that plays all night not only do you not have to worry about them screaming for it to be turned on again, but they can self soothe themselves at night should they wake. P.S for the first 3 months babies don't have permanency so using sleep sleep and all that stuff won't cause this problem.

Swaddle me blankets......... I love my swaddle me blankets (the ones that velcro like a strait jacket)... If someone were to take them away I would probably go after them with a knife because they allow Zach to sleep 1-2 hours longer than he normally would during the night. Babies have a huge habit of flailing in their sleep and they aren't smart enough to know that if they flail they will smack themselves in the face and wake themselves up.... So putting them in a baby strait jacket is a must. Also the swaddle me blankets velcro so if the baby struggles against the swaddle it will not come undone and therefore won't have loose blankets in the crib.

Angel: I just googled Wubbanub! omg they are so darn cute! Zach isn't a big pacifier guy so I won't invest in one, but I kind of wish he was because they are too cute!

oh my! gotta go! Zach just had a huge poop and I have a feeling it is going to be one that goes up his back.....ewwwww...

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:39 pm

I can't wait till we move over to FB, it's so much easier than TWW. We can know instantly when someone is in labor just by a quick little post in the group.

Sylvia- looks like you're already ahead of the game. I enjoyed the raspberry leaf tea. I still drink some occasionally. I'm sorry you're getting kicked in the ribs, it's almost time though. I miss being pregnant sometimes. My pregnancy was easy and I loved my belly. You better pack that hospital bag!

Blaire- the fenugreek is in a pill, the mothers milk tea is the licorice tasting stuff. A friend of mine made the hat. Along with several other props for Ari's pictures. It's ok bad most didn't fit because we didn't expect such a tiny bean. Ari will be kept by my mom, who will be right up the road, less than a mile. Good luck with your replacement. I had mine for 6 months before I gave birth and after I left she just stopped caring I guess. Very annoying. That's why I'm going back so soon.

Kristen- oh the explosion poops. Ari scares me with hers, they are so loud. I totally got a sound machine that doesn't go off. It does have a timer, if I choose to use it. But I will play that sucker all night. Oh the sanitation bags! I love those too! I swaddle with receiving blankets most of the time. I'm so damn jealous of your $900 every two weeks until November. Damn our govt. LOL

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:00 pm

Checking in. I don't have time to post now but appt went good today! Chat later ladies!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:02 pm

Hey girls! Saw you moved over here so I wanted to post so I would get the notifications :) still cleaning like crazy and I can't find my lap top yet lol I promise to have personals soon!

Oh ya I was right about dh!! He came home and surprised me with an appt for a 4d/3d scan on Monday :) can't wait!!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:22 pm

why doesnt this group go to fb? would be tons easier

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Tue Feb 11, 2014 5:47 pm

Oh blaire I have the Medela pump in style advanced. My insurance covered it 100%

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:25 am

In the last post with pictures...there should be two...are y'all able to see both?

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:11 am

Hey Girls - Just poppin' in for a quick post!

Blaire - Thanks for creating the new thread. Sorry to hear ur Superbowl Sunday went a little sour. I hate it when DH is late too - but luckily it doesn't happen very often and typically it's not his fault - Being a Dr. there are so many unplanned circumstances they have to face on a daily basis. It is a bummer that you don't get along with his family. Makes holidays and such a big drag. :\ Hope ya'll's relationship gets a little better once the baby arrives...At least that is what I'm hoping for when Ari gets here because I'm not that close with my immediate family. I've got the Hygeia Enjoy pump - I can't tell ya much about it yet since I haven't used it, but it had good reviews and I'll fill ya in once I use it. Most all insurances down here in the U.S. cover a breast pump - The nice ones too!

Kristen - labor pains. Shas dropped a little cuz my Dr. said she feels her head pretty low but since I can still feel her jammin' my ribs, my Dr. says that she is just stretched out in there. (or I'm thinking she is just a huge baby. LOL) Haven't lost the mucus plug yet, as far as I know, but I don't turn the light on in the middle of the night when I go 2 or 3 times - cuz I find I can fall back asleep easier without the light blasting me in the face....and NO dilation! hah! Just 50% effaced and some softening going on - So not too much action yet. I'll keep ya'll posted if anything changes! Loving the must-have lists - Keep 'em coming if you think of anything else!

Angel - I just saw one pic in your post - Ari with that lil pom pom hat.

Sarah - How ya feeling? Hope you're doing well!

Angela/Carol - How are you ladies doing?!

Put my dresser together, FINALLY, and got the changing table on top all set up - Moved the furniture around in the nursery (AGAIN) and am finally feeling more ready. I just have to hang Ari's name above her crib and the nursery should be just about done! Got in a little argument with DH last night because he was trying to give all this unwanted advice on the nursery last minute (considering the décor/functionality/etc.) and remember how I told ya'll it was off-limits to him? Well for some reason he decides that 10:30 at night, when I'm exhausted, is a good time to tell me I should probably just put an "A" above her crib because A-R-I will look HORRIBLE, because the letters are so large. Um No, they are smaller than 8 x 10 and she only has THREE letters in her "nickname". Just was not in the mood for it. I'll take pics for you girls once that's done so you can see the final product! :)

LoL You ladies know how I'm doing the fruit/veggie pics every couple weeks or so? Well I'm kinda in a pickle, because this week is pumpkin and this is NOT the time of year to find pumpkins. Already called several grocery stores in Houston and no one carries them - Guess I'll have the make the drive out to this fruit/vegetable stand way outside of Houston to buy a pumpkin. LoL what a pain in my butt - But I don't want to stop now cuz my last pic was week 34 and I feel like it will all be in vain if I just quit at the end. Next week will be watermelon! 8O

Who votes for a private Facebook group? - So far it seems that Angel, Kristen and I are on board. What does EOE think?

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:15 am

Sylvia- im in for fb. Would be way easier!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:42 pm

Sorry to be so quiet lately. But will try to take a moment to update everybody!

Angel - That pic of Ari is so precious, there is the second one right above it, but for some reason, you have to click on it separately, it didnt just automatically appear on the page like the second one did. Stinks that you have to go back to work so soon because your replacement isnt working out for you. But at least you know you are needed and wanted! :D I have been talking to one of my co-workers (really one of the only ones I get along with and consider a true friend), and we both agree she is going to get stuck with most of my work-load, since the two new people they hired are not really working out. And I dont trust my work load to them, since I have been here the longest, I get the biggest jobs! Guess we will see how it goes!

Kissyten - Zach spam is so cute! Love the pics of him. ADORABLE! I am a big fan of disposable everything! :D Guess I just appreciate the convience.

So for both you and Angel - I will let both you guys in on a big secret (I learned the hard way). Be as natural as you can. For example, if you do things during the day, like vacuum and whatever, dont stop just because the baby is napping. He listened to it while in your stomach, he will be more comfortable with the noise during nap time than not. At night time, the majority of us have absolute silence... therefore, it is easier to continue this natural habit when they are born. My son was really grumpy during the day and I would literally lay him in the crib and run the vacuum, not only did he fall asleep, but my floors got clean... he also hated noise at night, so if something was going on at night, it would bother him. My daughter was the opposite. I worked in an office all day, (which I do now) and at night I bartended (which was noisy), so for her, she liked quiet during the day and noise at night. Just a thought for you two to try out.

Sylvia - OMG you are so CLOSE!!!!!!! I can't wait for updates. And I am all about a facebook page! I know, when my two were due, I walked a lot. My son, born on his due date, they did a stripping of the membranes the day before his due date, I dont know if that really put me into labor, or if I was naturally going into labor that night anyway, but needless to say, I had my son on his due date! :D My daughter was induced on her due date... I crack up because everyone here is betting I will deliver mid-March... And I giggle, because I am not prone to going early, but either on time or they dont really wanna come out! I might be ready, doesnt mean they are! :D Get your bag packed! And tell DH to stay outta the nursery. He doesnt get a say this late in the game!

Blaire - If you are feeling most the movement (kicking) at the top, baby is most likely in the head down position, but do not be alarmed if baby moves on you. I find mine is normally in the head down position, but every now and then, he changes. :D I love picking out the different body parts that he sticks out. Definitely been able to feel the bum and the heels!

Roni - take it easy girl! Cant wait to see the room once you get it decorated now that you have the new carpet installed! Yay for the 4D/3D ultrasound! I ask my DH if he wanted one, so that we could take the kids to see LO, but he didnt want one, because he says it looks too life-like, and will ruin the surprise of what LO will look like when he comes out... I am kind of bummed about it, because I really wanna see LO again, and I will not get another ultrasound unless they feel something is wrong between now and LO arriving!

Jenn - Come back and update us on your appointment soon!

Carol - How are you?

Sarah - U/S next week right? We should know a little more from you then. Keep your head up and realize, just a week away and you will be able to see your LO.

Sorry to anyone I may have missed!

AFM - I am so tired of the cold! Blah! We have our 32 (almost 33) week appointment this Friday. I have my maternity photo shoot (My aunt is doing mine) this weekend. I hate pictures, but know I want them, and she is really good, but she feels like she has to explain everything. I am like "I could care less, can you just take the picture already?" But I am trying to be a good sport about it. My DH doesnt like pictures either... So we make quite the pair when it comes to family portraits! LOL!!! Next week I have the baby shower that my office is throwing me on the 18th. And the one my sister-in-law is throwing for me on the 22nd. And trust me, I have been checking both registries, and giggle when I realize, NOTHING has been purchased! LOL! I am such a spoil sport. On the 26, we have the hospital tour and pre-registration for delivery. We are doing the Wednesday night tour since that is the only one the kids are allowed to participate in. Looks like February is booking up really fast for me, since I should have another appointment on the 28th. March looks like it should mellow out, so I will probably be able to get my nursery all set up with the stuff from the showers. My DH is supposed to go outta town on the 11-14 of March, and has already had his 25-28 trip covered. My kids were getting a kick outta seeing and feeling their brother move last night. My daughter is so cute when she says... "He is getting bigger, now!" Soon he will be here. I think she is going to be a huge help to me. :D

Sorry this is so long, guess I had more to say than I thought! LOL!!!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:34 pm

Angela - Yep U/S next week on the 21st. Today I am officially 9 weeks according to FF. I hope it's right or that I'm further along then that. I'll now on the 21st...I'll be at least 10 weeks 2 days then. Can't wait to see my LO. Have fun at the baby shower that your work is throwing you.

Sylvia - I'm doing fine. Been very snappy lately to where I'm only letting DF get enough of the bed by the edge equal to the width of his side. I don't mean to do it, but it's like I'm a doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde with him. Great in the day, horrible at night. Gotta love the hormones. Congrats on getting the nursery arranged a bit better for you. Can't wait for the pics and I like the fruit pic idea you are doing. Ok if I steel that Idea. One site says that today I could be olive size while another says grape size and was red kidney been size last week so I may see about doing that as well. Like the idea.

Blaire - Not many more symptoms that I posted above. My boobs seems fuller, heavier, and a tad darker and the veins can really be seen from across the room. Good luck training the replacement and just think in a few week your LO will be in your arms.

AFM - I got called into the office at my work yesterday and was told both good news and bad news. Bad news is that they are letting me go in the afternoon daycare job. I hate it but I understand because of the Good news which is that today was my day as a full time with benefits teacher assistant. I loved the day today. I get to work with the 1 and 2 year olds currently and should be staying with the babies...guess a sign from GOD himself.

Went to the convention this weekend and had fun on Saturday but it was a lot of walking...DF calculated almost 6 miles total we walked from the back and forth walking we did. I had some bleeding that scared me, but it has since gone away. Sunday we had the kids and wanted to get them into the kids costume contest....what happens...DF's car goes bad. We can't get it fixed so we just go and make it in the nick of time to get them to the contest. They had a blast doing it.

Brought DF's car to dealership to get looked at since it wouldn't start...found out all electrical wires were bad, the start bad, the pcm/ecm board bad, ignition switch bad, both boots bad, very bad oil leak, oil pan cracked, some bottom cover was missing, and low oil pressure was going off and oil was never being pushed through out the car meaning there could have been a cracker head gasket or cracked engine block that they dealership didn't even want to look into.

Long story short they traded the car in under the lemon law. We went from a 4 seater 2007 PT Cruiser Convertible to a 5-6 seater (depend on kid and car/booster seat size) 2013 Ford Escape S. We contemplated getting a newer car but was ready for it/ Guess GOD made us ready for it. Overall a very busy weekend for us.

About the Facebook thing, honestly I'm not really big on Facebook so that wouldn't be the best for me. If best for you all though, go for it. Have fun. Maybe I'll finally get into it

I'll be back later to write some more to all you girls.

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Wed Feb 12, 2014 8:59 pm

Hello ladies!

I don't spend a lot of time on FB, but I'm not opposed to it. If you all start a FB group, make sure to private message the info. I suck at finding stuff on there.

Angel, that's great that you got granted another 4 weeks paid leave. Cabin feaver or no, I would probably still take it. Oh my Goodness, Wubbanub. I had never heard of them, but I am in love with the little lamb!!!!! I have always been a big fan of sheep/lambs.

Sylvia, I have been the opposite of you. I have been eating better the last few months and have lost an interest in all the bad food I was eating in the beginning. I actually haven't gained any weight since my last appt 2 weeks ago. Dr said he wished more of his patients were having pregnancies like mine. He said far more of them put on 40 plus pounds ,then those that put on the expected 20-25. As far as the Rhogam shot went. I managed to get them to approve an override. So I was able to get it filled at Walgreen's at the covered price of $75. Otherwise it would've cost me $175. I was so relieved they approved it. You should still try to see if your insurance will reimburse you. Maybe the Dr can call or fax something to them that states it was medically necessary. With the electric bill, I already switched companies and their rate is the same as ComEd currently is. Sadly there really isn't any room to haggle. I'm so excited for you that Ari can come any day!!! Dh needs to butt out of the nursery decorating. He seems like he's been having little bouts of insensitivity lately. Should we smack both of our significant others?

Blaire, I feel so blessed to have the dr's office/practice I do. They have their own u/s machine, so I have had quite a bit of ultrasounds. The dr did another one yesterday, which I didn't expect. Maddies is positioned the same as she was 2 wks ago. So it's nice to know that what I'm feeling is probably still the same body parts I saw on screen. I will give an update on my appt at the end. As far as Super Bowl Sunday, I would've been pissed off too. You can't keep a pregnant girl from her food.

Kristen, you are lucky that you live in Canada. I am happy that my breast pump will be covered by my insurance. It looks like they have some good models avail too. I like the idea of those swaddle me blankets. I think I'm going to add those to my registry.

Roni, that is so awesome that your DH got the scan for you guys. When are you going to have it done?

HI Angela! I am sick of the cold too! We are suppose to have a mini warm up Monday. I'm excited. But ya know what, I'm getting used to this arctic blast. I feel like I can take on any temps at this point. Just, no more snow please. What you said about changing routines to suit the baby makes sense. The baby has had 9 months (well less considering when their hearing becomes active), to get used to the everyday noises you subject yourself to. Funny, your shower is on Feb 22nd. Mine is on March 22nd. Have fun at your photo shoot. Bf and I need to plan ours.

Sara, congrats on your new car purchase. The Escapes are nice. I've heard the PT cruisers are a pc of sh!t. Can't wait for your u/s!

Alright ladies, I'm gonna have to keep you all in suspense. It's 2 min to ten and this lil lady has to take herself home from work. I am off tomorrow again, so I promise I will come back and post an update and I will even give y'all a bump pic.


Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:26 am

So my appt on Tues went well. Dr finally measured my fundal height. He also did a quick u/s of Maddie and measured her skull. He said everytthing is measuring exactly where I should be. He is loving where my weight is. He said he wished most of his pregnant patients were eating as normal as me. He said most take advantage of pregnancy and gorge themselves, but he said the problem is they're eating the wrong foods. He said in pregnancy we become insulin resistant to a degree, and if you have all this glucose floating around in your system from eating too many bad carbs and high sugar foods, there isn't a way to get that sugar out of the blood because we can't make adequate use of insulin. He said this is why a lot of women get GD, or have babies that weight 9 plus pounds. It was a very good conversation. I'm all about medicine and nutrition. I told him abuot the horrible acid reflux I've been having. He told me I could take Zantac, so I'm def gonna look into that. Everything worked out with my insurance for the Rhogam. It still cost me $75, but that is way better than $175. They gave it to me in my arm, which I was surprised by. I thought a few of you or a few ladies on another thread told me they got it in the bum. I didn't even feel it going in. I haven't gained any weight in two weeks, which is nice. I feel a growth spurt loomig though.

So bf and I tried to have sex for the first time since I've really popped. Lets just say that was difficult. If any of you ladies have any tips, they would be greatly appreciated. It was very awkward. My bf has grown a bit of a belly and then coupled with my belly... We tried a couple different position, none of which did it for me. If that's how sex is gonna be til baby comes, I can't wait til she's born.

Otherwise, everything else is so far so good. Here's my 28 wk, 0 day pic.
28 wks, 0 days
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