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Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:53 pm
by chall
Hello!! Sorry, I know I have not posted in a long time. I've been really busy at work (still am, probably through this week at least), and busy at home too. I'm afraid I don't have time for personals, but I'll try to catch you up on my life recently:

Had my shower on 2/1, and it was really nice :) I got quite a lot of the smaller stuff I needed, and 2 of my friends gave me 3 boxes of gender neutral hand me downs in sizes from newborn to 12 months! Then my mom came to visit for a week and we got a lot of the nursery set up, and clothes/etc washed.

Last week I had my 32 week appt, all was well. I managed to gain 3 lbs in two weeks though.. yikes! I don't think I'm eating a bunch of junk though, so I guess my body just needed it - I did feel rather extra hungry for a week or so. I'm on an every 2 weeks schedule now, so going again to the doctor next week. Once I hit 36 weeks I go weekly - eek!

I suspect some coworkers are throwing a surprise shower for me this weekend - my coworker invited me to "lunch" on Sunday (she's never done that before), and suggested we do some "shopping" afterwards. And I noticed a couple things purchased off my registry recently :wink:

I also recently took a prenatal breastfeeding class, and DH and I took a "baby care basics" class. Most of what was covered wasn't a surprise to me, but I did learn a few things. Next up, Lamaze birthing classes on 3/1 and 3/8.

I really can't believe there are less than 7 weeks left... 8O

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:36 am
by vswright34
hey girls!! long time no talk :) been awfully queit around here, hope everyone is doing great.

Sylvia- is Ari here yet?! hope your feeling ok! i don't know if i answered already but i did buy the crocheted wings just waiting for them to come in :) and for my maternity pics (they are this sunday, really excited!!) we will be taking pics at a place called Saratoga Springs in cali. it's beautiful. kinda in a foresty area and has this gorgeous stone bridge. really excited for the photos!

Angel- hope your doing good love. love all your updates on your baby girl :) thanks for all your helpful hints on increasing your breast milk supply. that's something i'm nervous about because my mom could not breast feed either my sister or i because her supply never came in. :( really hoping that doesn't happen to me!

Kristen- hope you are also doing well and thanks for your helpful tips!! both you and angel have been a huge help in letting us know what to prepare for!

Angela- bummer your DH didn't wanna do the 4d pics :( and i'm sorry about the cold!! being in northern cali all we really needed was rain.. and we weren't getting it until recently. the weather has stayed between 50-70's. so i guess we are kinda spoiled here haha.

Jen- your pic is so cute! you have quite the gorgeous baby bump :). as for sex, honestly the only positions that are comfortable for me is spooning (him behind you in front, small pillow between legs) on top (this very rarely occurs lol) or doggy style (pile up some pillows and use them to hold your pelvis up and then a couple pillows around your chest to make sure you breath) if none of those work we just fondle each other hahah. glad you found a cheaper rhogam shot!!

Sarah- did you have your ultrasound yet? hope things are going well. i have the same car and i absolutely adore it! sorry you had some rough times but i'm glad it is all looking up.

Carol- long time no see!!! glad to hear your doing well! and i'm glad your shower went well! post some pics soon when you get a chance!!

afm Everything is going great! We went to do our 4d scan last night and well.... we have quite the lil diva... she would not show us her face at all!! she had both arms in her face.. a foot in her mouth and her other foot in her face.. (quite impressive hahaha) when we poked her or walked around or drank ice water, she covered her face more... at one point she stuck her tongue out at us and then covered up again... Dh rolled his eyes and said "well i guess this proves she is like her mom" hahaha so we get to try again on Friday. hopefully she will be cooperative because this is our last shot, and there is no refund :( we also found out she is breech. i know she has time to turn around but still kinda a scary thought. i swear though, after we left the place she was wiggling around and kicking up a storm inside my tummy.. apparently she only moves when SHE wants to hahaha.

Well we got the dresser and the crib up in the room now, which looks great! so now i have a better idea of what kinda glider/rocker i wanna get. the room is smaller and i was nervous we wouldn't be able to fit one. i started organizing so it looks like a tornado ran through so once it's cleaned up more i will post pics.

Tahoe was amazing and we finally got a chance to relax which was fantastic, we cuddled by the fire, watched a movie on netflix (no cable or tv in our cabin) had nice lil dinners. it was exactly what i wanted :)

I think that is all. I have a Dr. appt today and i believe i start every two weeks after this appt but i don't know for sure. but we shall see! hope everyone is doing great! miss you talkative ladies!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 11:45 am
by lukyj
Hi Carol! I'm glad everything is going well! Don't worry about 3 lbs in 2 weeks. You're suppose to gain approx a lb a wk. Some weeks you might not gain at all, and then your body and baby play catch up.

HI Roni! I'm glad your mini vaca was nice. I"m jealous that you have somewhere nice to take maternity pics. It has been so cold in Chicago and we've had so much snow, I don't think anything will be green in time for us to still have outdoor pics before the baby comes. I'm glad that your nursery is coming along. I don't remember if you said how your floors came out? I'm also surprised you aren't at every two week appt yet. My dr starts them at 28 wks. So I will have another appt next Tues. I hope your little squirmy worm will cooperate for you on Friday. LIttle brats. Mine had her hands in front of her face at my last appt too.

I didn't find the Rhogam cheaper, I got my insurance to approve a one time override so that I could get it filled at a pharmacy. Otherwise, they wanted me to get it through the mail order program. Thanks for the sex tips. Thank you also for the bump complement. I like my belly. I wonder how much bigger it's gonna get.

Where is everyone? It has been so quiet since last week. I'm lonely on here! LOL. I miss you all!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:13 pm
by wrestlefan2
Roni - Guess we think a lot a like in the car world. DH and I love the car way more than his cruiser. Great to have the voice commands and hands free sync for phone calling. Make driving so much easier and safer for us. Hope the 4d goes well for you and hope we all get to see the pic. I'm talking DH into getting one as well and so far it looks like he's getting interested in doing it. Hope he stays that way.

Carol - You are almost there. You can do it. Few more weeks to go. DH & I are already talking about taking classes together. My DD's dad didn't want to take them when I wanted to when I was having DD do I missed out. Feels good knowing I'll be able to do it this time. We are also going to do the sibling classes for our kids so they can understand what is going on and about to change within the house.

AFM - My U/S appointment is this Friday at 2pm CST. Can't wait for it. Going to be so exciting to see our little one on the big screen soon. Should also be able to find out the exact date of when the baby will be due.

Had both kids last week so we couldn't really celebrate Valentines day or our 1 year together of going out (which was the 16th). Can't believe in 1 year...we met, fell in love, moved in together, got engaged, and now a little one is on the way. Fast for some, but perfect for us.

As a gift DH didn't get me anything for Valentine's day as he says he doesn't like that day as he had bad memories from it with his ex and he wanted to get me something for out 1 year but it was impossible as of now to do so. I got mad at him for not getting me anything, but he told me why he couldn't get me a gift....he said we didn't know when the baby will truly be born yet. I wanted to know right then and there what he wanted to get me and why knowing the due date was so important. He said he wanted to get me some "mom jewelry" with my birthstone and all three of our kids birth stones in it (so mine, my dd's, his and my soon to be step ds, and our new little one). I've always wanted something like that. He said it could be anything...ring, bracelet, necklace, pandora...I told him I wanted a necklace and he said that we could go next week after the ultrasound is done to pick it out (or at least order it to get made).

Work as been keeping me busy. I'm actually helping as a day care teacher assistant at school and have been helping a lot with the 1 1/2 and under group (monster 6 months to 1 1/2 years). GOD way of getting me ready once

Now to figure out the best what to tell the parents. DH's dad loves king cake so may the traditional use of the baby in the king cake and instead of hiding it in the cake, put a copy of the U/S in a ziploc bag and put it in the bag with the cake when we give it to his dad and see how long it takes to figure out.

DH's mom keeps talking about have 11 get something that was Granny's #12 embroidered on it or a gift that says to Granny from #12 on the gift tag.

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:20 pm
by Ibarrita
Hey ladies! How's everyone doing!? I've missed ya'll! Can you guys believe I'm only one week away from my due date?! EEEEEKKKS! Getting so excited!

Angela - How'd your maternity pics go? Post some pics! Post some pics! How about your work shower today? Mine was pretty cool - they did some games so people had a chance to win prizes, and they gave me over $300 in cash! Allowed me to get a couple pricey items (video baby monitor and Ergo Baby Carrier) that I had left on my list! That's so cool that your kiddos get to go on the hospital tour with you! Will make things all the more real for them. How old are they again?

Sarah - Of course I wouldn't mind if you do the veggie/fruit pics! I totally encourage you to take pics often throughout your pregnancy cuz it's so fun to compare! I probably will only do this fruit/veg idea for this first pregnancy cuz honestly it's sort of a pain in the butt to buy them and some of them are more expensive than others. You should have seen what I had to do to get this pumpkin for last week! Haha They are SO very hard to find in Feb! I just bought the watermelon the same day and I will probably take that pic later on this week. Hard to believe she is a WATERMELON. haha! Congrats on your full benefit teacher assistant position! Lucky you get to work with LO's all day! I LOVE LOVE the age of 6 months - 2 years old. They are so much fun and super cute then! I cannot believe how many things were wrong with your DF's car! How scary that you guys were riding in a vehicle with so many issues!! 8O Super happy for you that you got a new car - How fun!

Roni - Oh wow! Your maternity pics sound amazing. I'm soooo excited to see them! When are you getting them taken? Good luck with your 2nd 4D u/s attempt! It's frustrating when the babes don't cooperate but that's cool they give you a second chance. Hope she is less shy on Friday! Post some pics afterwards! :)

Jenn- Well DH has been getting a little better - Been very sweet and helpful lately. He too is getting super excited for Ari's arrival and being very good to me. Maybe he was just going thru a grouchy phase. What a super cute bump! You're lookin' great! You should take some maternity pics in the snow! It's so beautiful! I was looking at lots of "winter maternity photo shoots" on Pinterest the other day and I almost wanted to book a flight to my hometown in Montana JUST so I could have pics in the snow! They look pretty stunning actually. The nooky positions we've used this late in the game are woman on top (so he's not putting any weight on ur tummy and u can control the situation for the most part), doggie style with lots of pillows underneath or standing beside the bed with a pillow underneath chest, or laying on your back on bed while he is standing up at the corner of the bed - with your legs up on his shoulders - That doesn't really put any pressure on your tummy and feels really good for both! Anyway, hope that helps! ;)

Carol - Don't stress at all about the 3 lbs in 2 weeks. Like Jenn said, you're supposed to gain 1 lb per week and it will all even out eventually when you find that some weeks you don't gain at all! Hope that you do get a surprise baby shower on Sunday! That would be really fun! Wow! You guys have (or will) taken a lot of classes! You should be a total pro about birthing and babies by the time yours arrives!

AFM, no baby yet! Trust me, I'll let ya'll know! hehe 39 weeks today! Getting so excited! My to-do list is officially DONE, Finito, Completo! SO happy! Now I feel more ready for this lil gal to arrive. My nursery is done! I'll take some pics for you girls now that the wall art is up and schtuff. Diaper bag packed, hospital bag packed. So exciting! I'd be lyin if I told ya'll that I feel great. :roll: My feet are still super wicked swollen like pillows and even hurt - same with my hands and still no feeling in the fingertips. Supposedly Ari is in an awesome position now, with head low, but she's like totally stretched out in my tummy and kicking me and pressing her booty up on my ribs on the time and OMG it's so painful! I even have had to pull over a couple times while driving lately and kick my seat back real far to try and push her down while I'm laying down or just get out and walk! She'll get like a little bit of her foot wedged into a rib or something and it's like YOWZA!!! I never believed those lil' kicks you feel earlier on would hurt someday but yup, they totally do! At my appointment today Dr. said that everything looks perfect! Blood pressure good, weight good, position good, and even lower than last time. Plus I'm 1 cm dilated! She reached in with her finger to try to sweep the membranes and see if we can't get some action going. If still no baby by next Tuesday, she'll sweep again and if she still doesn't want to come by 41 weeks, then she "kicks her out" <-- her words. Lol

Anyway, I'm so excited to see what she looks like! And it's crazy to leave my office every day not knowing if I'll be back for a while! Any day now!! :)

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:07 pm
by lukyj
Sarah, don't feel too bad. My bf didn't get me anythign for V-day either. He did finally buy me red roses for the first time ever. He never bought me red roses before because he said they are just to cliche and he likes to be outside of the box. He has bought me beautiful flowers before, I must say. I had been telling him though, that I actually like red roses, regardless of how cliche or overplayed they are. They are classic. I'm glad that you are enjoying your new car.

Hi Sylvia! Thanks for the complement! Glad the lil babe isn't here yet and we missed it. I do hope she comes soon though so you can find relief from all of your swelling and pains. I can't even imagine what you are going through. How many weeks were you when all of this started? Sounds like she could be ready to go any day though. I am not creatively savvy with a computer, but I would love to be able to put together some sort of collage of all my bump pics. At least like 5 weeks, then maybe skip to week 8 and go from there.

Thanks for the sex tips. Bf and I have both been sick so we haven't attempted to be intimate again. He has a chest cold, I have a bad head cold. This is the 4th cold I've had being pregnant, but this one has hit me far worse than any of the others. It's also harder to breathe. I hope this clears up soon! I'm glad DH is being sweet again. I would have to cyber slap him if he was rude again. LOL. Gotta stick up for my fellow preggo eggos (No one has used that in a while so I had to say it!). As for the photo shoot. It would be pretty to shoot some in the snow, but I'm a big wuss and I would have to wear a coat the whole time and the only coat I have that fits is huge and not something I'd wear in a photo. If we don't get a surprise warm up, like, a real warm up, I may be taking photos inside somewhere. Maybe an indoor garden somewhere. We got like 8 inches of snow yesterday and then today the temp was about 45 degrees outside. A lot of snow melt. But, we've had so much darn snow over the last few months that it will take a while for all of the snow to melt. I just don't know.

I can't wait to log on hear to find you're in the hospital :) Come on Ari!!!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:02 am
by hopeful#3
Good Morning Ladies!!!!!

Sylvia - OMG!!! So close now! :D Come on little Ari!!! I cannot wait to meet her! :D Glad you have everything ready to go. And that you haven't been so quiet lately because you've been giving birth without letting us know! What is up with the Feb. DDC being so silent? Don't they know us almost due women live vicariously through you guys! My son is 9 and my daughter is 7, and they do different hospital tours, the one we are doing is going to be the family tour so that siblings can go with. I thought they would enjoy it, being a part of something to do with baby, before baby gets here. My photo shoot went ok, LOL. As well as can be expected with two little ones involved and a husband who hates photos of himself. I am waiting to get my pictures back, but my photographer wants to do a repeat with just me, guess she wasnt too happy with the turn out... good thing it is my aunt and I am getting my photos for free! :D We also have to find the time when it isn't dumping its butt off out here to do outdoor photos, it just seems like the weather is stacked against us!

Carol - like all the other ladies on her said, don't worry too much about the weight gain, it all somehow evens out. I know that between weeks 30 and 32 I managed to gain 4 pounds! Doctor didnt seem worried, so I didnt worry either. Will be keeping an eye on it, though. Yay for getting good stuff for your shower, and hopefully you do get a surprise shower this weekend. How fun! Good job on getting a lot of the nursery set up. I am so behind on that. (At least, I feel like I am massively behind).

Roni - Sorry you LO was being such a DIVA! But how cute it would have been to see all that. Her little tongue poking out at you guys. So cute! No my DH didn't wanna do the 3D/4D ultrasound because he says it takes too much of the surprise away as to what LO will look like. I don't really see it, but that is ok. I didn't have it with the other two either, so, I am ok either way. Good job on the nursery, keep it up. I can't seem to remember if you have a baby shower coming up or not...

Jenn - your baby bump is looking wonderful! I like red roses too, but my DH always gets me flowers to where we can plant them, which I love. Last longer that way! So, for V-day he bought me two flowers, and cooked me a wonderful steak dinner. To which I promptly excused myself from the table and passed out on the couch after eating! LOL!!!! He did try to wake me up to go to bed, (I think he wanted some V-day loving), but I was so comfortable on the couch, I told him to leave me! LOL, but when you are this large, it is hard to find a comfortable position, so, I was going with it!

Kissyten and Angel - More baby spam please!

How is everyone else I missed?

AFM - Had a doctor appointment last Friday, and I seem to be doing well, although like I said above, I gained 4 pounds in two weeks! LOL, guess I over-ate! But I don't think I did anything different... Oh, well. Total weight gain is 25lbs so far, so I am still within normal limits for me. I had another student doctor, which I really don't mind, but he must have been really new, since the doctor came in with him, and was explaining how to feel around for things, like the top of the uterus. Doctor goes, feel right here, press down a little and you can feel the top of the uterus, this is where you measure... in comes the student, and SQUISH! OMG!!!! It hurt so damn bad! Even my doctor was like... "GENTLE!" So they measured me, and I was still measuring about 1 week ahead, which is fine. Then they wanted to listen to LO's heart and the doctor was feeling around, and says, "So if you press gently along here, you can feel his back and ribs, and you will know to put the doppler right here to find the heartbeat, whereas if you put it on the other side, where you feel nothing, you won't hear it." In comes the student again, SQUISH!!!!! I about came off the damn bed. I was like, really? You do realize this thing is attached, and that I feel everything you are doing! GOOD GOD! Needless to say my LO was kicking me the rest of the day! But all in all, I am doing well. I have another appointment on 2/28 and we will get an ultrasound to measure LO. :D I am just excited to be able to see him again!

We were supposed to do the hospital tour on the 26th, but DH will be outta town, so I had to reschedule for the 12th. We are planning on taking our new camper camping... (Trial run) the first weekend in March, which should be interesting at 35W5D! LOL! So my schedule is booking up, which I love, makes the time go so much faster than not having anything planned! So lets see if I can remember it all, baby shower this weekend, which means we will know what else we need to purchase for our LO's nursery, and can get it on order so I can finish the nursery. I have an appointment the following week, camping the week after, hospital tour on the 12th, which should also fall with a doctors appointment that week, which should start my every week visitations! Yay! Getting closer ladies! Let me tell you, I am nowhere near ready! LOL!!!!

My baby shower yesterday was wonderful! I had so many more people turn out than I thought would turn out. Got a lot of presents, and gift cards, and cash! LOTS of stuff! :D Exciting! Anyway, this has gotten really long, and I feel like I am rambling, so, I will let you ladies go. And I look forward to hearing more from you! :D

BTW - are we doing a facebook page?

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:28 pm
by Blaire
Ladies, miss you all and will catch p later. Been fighting major sinus infection for a week now. I'm miserable. But had to share this, my friend was due w a baby girl next Thursday the 26th and just had her baby today.... Except it was a BOY! I didn't really think it still happened w multiple ultrasounds and how good technology ghana gotten!

Ttyl, will Update and do personals after a nap!

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:29 pm
by chall
So DH and I had some further name discussions recently. I think I am going to have to cave on the boy name and let him use DLH the fourth. He's really set on this. We'll just make it work with figuring out what to call all the Daves in the family. As for girl name.. what do you guys think of Charlotte? This name has really started growing on me. And I want to use my mom's name as the middle name - so Charlotte Betsy. Kind of a neat thing - baby would have same initials as me. Thoughts?

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:44 pm
by vswright34
Blaire- that was a huge fear of mine!! So when I went to my appt on monday I made them double check. Still all girl haha ill make them check again on friday when I rescan hahah

Carol- I love the name charlotte betsy :) and honestly if you and hubby wanna do the generational name there is nothing wrong with that :) (fx its a girl jic hahahaha just teasing ;) )

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:20 am
by angelfacexx
Angela - Happy to hear your shower went well! How did your maternity shoot go? Ouuhhhh, camping sounds both fun and relaxing. I hope things go smoothly! I would have knocked out that Dr. LOL. I remember my u/s would press down so hard to get measurements of Ari, I thought for sure she would bruise me. Yayyy for another u/s for you! I bet you're excited. I loved getting so many...though toward the end you can't see crap, LOL. Your schedule sounds like mine toward the end. I love having a full schedule, makes things go by so much faster.

Roni - I hope your re-do 4D u/s goes better tomorrow. I also had to do silly things just to get a glimpse of Ari. She only turned her head once. We went over our appt time by 1 hr. I ate candy, jumped all around danced, jiggled. I felt like a idiot. lol. I can't wait to see the nursery! Your Tahoe trip sounds amazing. I'm rather jealous.

Carol - Hey Stranger! Wow! Your pregnancy has flew fact all of ours has. Let us know how that "surprise" shower turns out. Girl, do not worry about the weight gain. You're doing awesome. Charlotte Betsy is an awesome name! They sound nice together and are classics. :) Let's all hope for a girl! ;) Ariana has the same initials as me and I didn't even realize it until I was hanging up her initials in her room.

Blaire - I hope you feel better soon! If I were your friend I would have panicked!

Jenn - When I saw the lamb, I instantly thought of you actually! I was going to get her an elephant but she has enough elephant stuff. So I went with the lamb. Awh, you're belly is so cute. I miss mine so much. Never thought I'd be one of those women. LOL.I hope you and bf are on the mend! Ick all that snow sounds horrible. I'm actually sweating today. It's 80 degrees where I am. lol.

Sylvia - HAVE ARI ALREADY JEEEEZ! I log in a bajillion times a day and make sure you've at least logged in for the day to make sure you aren't in labor. I can't wait! I bet she has a head full of beautiful hair. I will be so jealous. Stoked you're beginning to dilate! I left my office after a office mtg joking that I may not be back after the meeting and dang sure enough I got induced later that night.

Sarah - OMG, I'm so ready for your u/s! DH and I don't really do valentines day. I'm not a flower fan (unless it's daisies or sunflowers). Our dating anniversary is the day after so we usually just go to dinner. This valentines day and our anniversary I was home alone with Ari all day and didn't see DH at all. He was working inventory. I love the reveal ideas!

AFM - I'm back at work and I am already worn out. Leaving Ari was/is harder than I thought. Yesterday was a hard day. I was SOOO excited to get off and nurse her...get to my moms and latched Ari and she refused to suck. She's gotten too used to the bottle and gets mad because my flow is different than the bottle. I use extra slow nipples and feed her up right to make getting milk harder but still no go. I was devastated. I have since tried to latch her several times and she will latch and suck for a little bit and then get all wiggly and frustrated. I'm talking to her pedi today and hoping to find a Lactation Consultant soon. I hope that if I can't nurse anymore that I will at least be able to pump what she needs. I've had to stop with the Fenugreek it was giving her gas and she was so uncomfortable. Work sucks. I'm trying to clean up the mess that was made while I was gone. I will try and get some Ari spam up this week.

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:12 am
by Ibarrita
Hey Beauties! Well, if this is any indication of how I'm feeling about being pregnant I don't know what is. LOL What we have here is an ULTRA-strong red raspberry herbal tea. Trying to talk Ari into movin' on out anytime now, please!

(109.34 KiB) Downloaded 836 times

Jenn - All the fun started at about 32, 33 weeks. Up until then, my pregnancy was amazing. haha I totally encourage you to do a collage. I'm waiting until the last possible moment to take my 39 week pic with the watermelon and the 9 month pic (Since I just took the pumpkin one on Sunday) - But I'm planning on making a collage too, of the progression, and I'll share with ya'll! :) Sorry about all your colds! Maybe you need to start taking vitamins (like that Emergen-C stuff) on a daily basis to ward off future colds! Cyber slap? LOL Love how you've totally got my back. That's why I love this group. hehe

Angela - Our Feb DDC group has migrated over to FB. That's why it's pretty quiet in there. All the new babies being born and new pics of the other babies born, post-partum belly pics, etc. are shared over there in a private group. It's pretty convenient but we are definitely not as chatty. I dunno how to set up a FB page for this group - It's super cool for sharing photos and quick updates (several women have practically "tweeted" their labors due to quick status updates in our group! love it!) but we definitely don't really chat as much or know what's going on with each other like before. Sorry about all the prodding and poking at your last appt. Sounds so uncomfy! I might have accidentally kicked the student due to my "reflexes". 8) So excited for your next u/s! Yay! And have a blast camping, girl! I love making memories while camping - some of the best I have from my childhood!

Sarah - Speaking of u/s - Super stoked for Friday! Can't wait to see a pic of your little bean :mrgreen:

Angel - So good to hear from you! Sorry that work is rough on ya lately. Same with me! (more on that later) - Try not to get too discouraged with lil' Ariana not nursing. Super wise of you to seek out help with a lactation consultant. They might give you some tips and tricks to get her back sucking in no time. Good luck!! Oh yeah, and since you have all this time on your hands (hah! ya right), you need to update your ticker. You're not pregnant anymore, hun!

Blaire - That's so NUTS about your friend having a boy after all! I'd freak - With all that hot pink and money invested in headbands and shoes! Ay yi yi! Now you've got me scared. ;) lol I wondered how often that happens now-a-days! Crazy it's someone you know!

Carol - Love Charlotte Betsy! Fx that it's a girl! ;)

Kristen - How ya doing, girl!?! Hope you're not back in the hospital again, poor thing! Would love to see more pics of your handsome lil' guy!

AFM, I'm pretty sure I lost my mucus plug last night and more this morning. Now I feel "wet" most of the day like I may be leakin' a little fluid. May try to go for a fluid check tomorrow or Saturday if she doesn't come before then. My Dr. is on call tonight and then not again till next Tuesday I think, so I'm hoping she'll come today because I LOVE my Dr. haha Anyway, good signs that things are happening! Whew! Super stressful at work right now - New management that is not so cool, and now owners (visiting from France) are demanding complex monthly reporting and key action plans for each month of the entire year. I just want to have this baby and bolt on outta here - By the time I get back they should be in the swing of preparing these reports, so I should be good to go! Been getting some action in with DH, of course drinking the tea, planning on walking a cpl miles tonight and maybe trying pumping! :) Let's see what happens! I'll keep ya'll posted. Meanwhile I'm trying not to be tooooo whiny even tho' I feel like total crap! With the swelling, stretching, etc. I feel like if someone pokes me with a pin, I might just explode! hehe

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 12:34 pm
by wrestlefan2
Blaire - Surprise the baby girl became a boy. I'm hoping my ultrasound, when the time comes, says girl and it remains a girl.

Carol - Love the name. Charlotte Besty is a great name. I have a great friend that is named Charlotte but like to go by her nickname of Charla. Nothing saying anything to jinx me, but if we wind up with twins and they are both girls...Charlotte is a name I'd think about adding to the list for a 2nd girl....Baileigh Celeste goes to the first no questions asked.

Jenn - They car is wonderful. Such an improvement over the last one DF had. Add the fact that it's cleaner than that it can easily fit 2 booster seats and 1 car seat in it makes it perfect for us.

Angela - Have fun with the camping. I'm not a big camper, but DF would love to go one day and take the kids out camping. He already likes to take them fishing when they want to go.

Angel - Yes the even of the U/S is upon us. Tomorrow 2pm CST we go in. DF is bringing his digital camera, digital camcorder, and a dvd to get a video of the baby one way or the other. We can't wait for it. Can't wait for my 1 year/val gift from DH of the mom jewelry. You make not have been truly with DH on those days, but you did have a little bit of him with you in Ari. Glad you like the reveal ideas for DF's parents. Now time to figure what to do for my family.

Sylvia - I will copy the pic on my scanner and get it to you all asap. If I can't, I've given DF my username and password so he can post it to you for me. He's already on board for that. He even said that he'd help me get the video he takes of it online (so happy he can do it as I have no clue how to do that kind of stuff) so we can show it to the group here (He put up the unlisted, but viewable via link) of me taking the preg test on youtube for I know he can do it.

AFM - T minus 24 hours, 32 minutes roughly until we get to go to the appointment to see our little one. We are so excited that we are having trouble sleeping. I'm making sure I drink a lot of juice (as doctor recommended) so my bladder is full and we can have a better chance to see the baby moving around. Not sure if they are going to do a vaginal or abdominal ultra sound tomorrow or both since we think I'll be at 10 weeks 2 days tomorrow.

Strangest think happened to me last night. After eating some ice cream after dinner, I felt a strange feeling in my stomach that I thought was at first gas, but shortly realized it was not that. Almost like a small flutter or static electricity type of pulse in my abdomen area. I read that with 2nd pregnancies you can feel it soon then the 1st pregnancy since you are "more in tune" with your body changes so reports say. I had DF but his hand on it and he didn't feel anything at first. I felt it again and quickly put his hand where I felt it. You could tell his face thought I was crazy, but within the next minute, his hand started twitching and he said the he was feeling a slips pins and needle type of pulsing in his hand when he held it there. Makes me wonder...I read I can feel it at 10 weeks, but if he's feeling it from outside my abdomen area even is just a little...could I be at 10 weeks like I'm guessing, or could I be further along and not know it yet? Come on tomorrow, you can't get her soon enough.

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 10:11 am
by hopeful#3
Quick Hello Ladies!

Can't wait for the updates to Sarah, Roni and Sylvia! :D Hope you guys are having a wonderful Friday.

Re: SMEP sisters- part 3 (it worked)

PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 11:42 am
by wrestlefan2
Quick post to let everyone know that I'm at work waiting for DF to pick me up and then we are on our way to the ultrasound. Wish us luck.

If things go well today, we are going to tell his dad's side tomorrow as we were invited to a small get together to celebrate his aunt's bday tomorrow in the afternoon. Funny how things are working like this...was wondering when we'd exactly tell every one and wanted his mom last. if she was first everyone would know before we told them, it's how she is...the PA System of the GOD work his mysterious ways for us and answers another of our questions.