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Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 1:46 pm

Since we're moving out of the first trimester or already well into the second, let's buddy group this!

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:12 pm

Following you so I have a link to the post...

Are we dedicating this thread to discussing symptoms, or a little bit of everything?

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:30 pm

Dunno. I think a but of everything, but it's up to Nicole.

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 3:51 pm

Just saying hi so I can get updates :)

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 5:34 pm

Huzzah for everyone moving into the second tri & buddy groupin it!
Imo this thread should be a little of everything.. general chitchat, gender discussion, cravings, whatever's going on at the moment but like you said whatever Nicole wants, she started it all :D

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:34 pm

haha ohhh guys i don't care what we talk about it! It started out as symptoms but we are covering pretty much everything AND i think its a good distraction for us as we wait for doctor appts, ultrasounds and due dates!!!
Question! Has anybody noticed that line forming on their stomach? i forget what its called. From your belly button to like your pelvic???

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:12 am

The Linea nigra? Yep, I've got mine. I've had it since like week 8, though. No idea why mine started SO early.

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:36 am

Yes Nicole! Mine isn't *too* obvious yet but it's def there and I never had one with dd.. I expected an ugly dark line considering I'm Italian and darker skin complexions get them worse but that doesn't seem to be the case.. Was hoping it was a boy thing but as I've noted, I'm convinced this is a girl now so idk. My tummy is pretty hairy suddenly too! (although I'm always a bit hairier than most , whole itslian deal there :oops: )

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:06 am

haha okay good! I'm glad you guys have them early too then because i noticed mine starting, noticed it yesterday and it came late with my daughter like towards the start of 3rd trimester. Some girls have said that it pops up early in your second pregnancy. Also, anyone have a baby bump yet?

Lucky- why has it convinced you its a girl now???

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 7:53 am

I won't say I have a bump because I just look fatter because I'm very big. That being said, i can feel my uterus now so somewhere under my fat is a bump.

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 12:24 pm

Nicole, I'm just so sure boy parts would have been obvious with the baby measuring 15/1.. I'm on the genderdreaming site and on most sonograms of boys or girls anything over 14 wks is pretty clear, it's just most women don't get us until 16 or 20 weeks, and a lot of times girls can be mistaken for boys bc they can be so swollen early on. But not usually the other way.. And since we knew at 15wks with dd idk why this time would be different. Looking at the top of the skull it was more round than boxy but i never got a look at the side profile. And the last bit, I feel the same around this time of pregnancy as I did with dd.. Like I'm not even pregnant but always tired and blah feeling. So I'm convinced it's another girl esp with it being the techs first guess. and I'm trying to get excited but DH is making it worse and worse so I'm getting really terrified that im actually going to be doing this alone when I only ever wanted kids in the first place bc of him .. seeing how amazing he is with children of any age and how he cried when he talked about his daughter from his previous marriage..I didn't want all this before him. He turned on my damn maternal instinct! But I don't know how to do it alone.. I'm a great parent as a team as he was definitely 50% of what got us through the newborn stage with dd, he was above and beyond in helping with her!

Sorry not trying to bring the thread down I'm just not sure what I should do next..

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:00 pm

I never got that line down my belly with my pregnancies and this one so far is no different. line, at least not at this point. Does it go away completely then at some point after delivery? As far as bump goes...I'm finally starting to get a noticeable bump especially in the evenings :).

LD, I really seriously hope your dh comes around, but if for some reason he doesn't, you will be ok. You're a very strong women and you will find the strength to raise your children and be a great mom in the process. You all ready are a great mom! I just hate that you're going through all this with uncertainty, I can't imagine being pregnant and emotional and hormonal alone but you're hanging in there and doing the best you can. God never gives us more than we can handle. I'll be praying for you. *hugs* :) and you're not bringing anyone down...we are all here to support you and get excited with you hun :)

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 1:04 pm

Oh also ld...are you going to have another scan around 20 weeks for the anatomy or whatever? If so I wouldn't bank on that first scan especially bc baby wasn't cooperating and the tech couldn't get a clear shot. .there's still room for errors and I'm still kmfx that you got a Lil boy in there :). But if it is a girl let me tell you from experience that that sisterly bond is so awesome to see between my 3 dd's, it is truly amazing.

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:16 pm

luckyducky- I don't know what your DH's problem is but he can't think the way he's acting is right. A baby is a baby, boy or girl and he should be in love with it regardless of the sex. It doesn't make him a very good person acting like this. I'm REALLY hoping something clicks in his head and he starts acting like hes suppose to, he should be excited about having another baby! Especially if its a healthy baby, that's the MOST important not the sex. Heaven forbid you have to do this alone BUT if for some reason you have to i don't worry about you doing it alone. You seem like a smart, strong woman and in the end he will regret leaving if he does. They always do, either right away or along the road. I'm crossing all fingers and toes that he grows a brain and starts acting like the baby daddy he's suppose to act like.

Shady, lbgoehefam- okay great! I'm glad i'm not the only one noticing a little bit of a bump. I had a little bit of fat on my stomach so i'm getting confused as to how much of a bump i may actually have :-/ Sometimes it looks like its pretty big already and sometimes it looks like no bump. Are any of you noticing it 'high' or 'low' yet?

Re: Spring 2015 Babies!!!

Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:39 pm

Thanks girls but I don't feel very strong atm. I feel weak, defeated, and heartbroken and I'm being made to feel like this was my "choice", a choice I made by being mean miserable and depressed all the time in Louisiana and then leaving to fl to try to save us. Apparently staying at my parents for a few months to save us some money, let him get settled into his new position, and try to get myself out of this depression was not the right move to make, even though we talked about it all before I left and I thought we were on the same page. and now it's also my fault that he doesn't want his baby if it's a girl because I mentioned adoption if we aren't to be getting back together, because I feel like atleast one of his kids should have a chance at a real family and not a broken one. I think I expected him to fight me on that comment, to just totally disagree and tell me I'm crazy for even thinking such a thing but instead it was like, a perfect thought?? I thought when you became husband and wife that meant you didn't have to worry about whether hardships would cause your relationship to fall apart and that whatever obstacles come your way you support the other party and try to be their rock. I guess I had it wrong. I guess he was pretending to be my rock with all my reservations of having another girl but the more I spoke about it the more I let him revisit his own personal feelings of not having wanted a 4th child in the first place, especially not another girl. I mean it's no secret this was an accident, that neither of us were really ready for what another baby brings to the relationship after how close we came to divorce just a year ago, but I just can't wrap my head around how it all went so bad, so wrong, so fast. I'm so scared to be alone in this, I'm terrified of being that 24 year old single mom stuck at mommy and daddy's with her kids for the next 5 years because I have no one to help me get on my feet. I have no one who can help watch the kids until I can pay for childcare. I have no one to be my support system while I'm learning to deal with a toddler and a newborn. I feel like I'm drowning and he's the one holding me under the water with his one day "I want to try again, I've never thought of my life without you in my future" and the next "I don't want anything to do with us anymore besides paying for my kids".

Lbgoehefam, my anatomy us is schedule for October 9th so I'll be about 18w4d, if I go by the last us measurements baby should measure 19w1d. I'm thinking about paying for an elective scan next week since it's only $70 around here but I'll have to see if I have the expenses bc I also need to do some shopping for dd.
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