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Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Wed Sep 30, 2015 3:04 pm

Sara - Your girls are beautiful! Any update on Leia's MRI?I can't wait for news that you were able to hold and cuddle them!!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Thu Oct 01, 2015 5:13 pm

Well, I've gotten to hold both of my girls! I even got to change Kari's diaper tonight!!! I was absolutely terrified that I was going to break her!

In regards to Leia and her MRI, the docs confirmed the initial diagnosis of hydrocephalus secondary to aquaductualstenosis. That's a long fancy word for obstruction. From what we were told (not by the neurologist yet) they are definitely going to have to do surgery but need her to get bigger. It sounds like it will be happening in the next couple weeks.

They took Kari off her cpap today and she has been breathing in her own most of the day! They've increased feedings for both girl and they are both having milk. Unfortunately my milk hasn't yet come in, but the hospital offers donor milk.

I should be discharged tomorrow so I get to FINALLY go home!!! I should have more time over the next couple of weeks to update more! I'm thinking about each of you and have been so grateful you ladies have been here for me!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:07 am

Sara, THANK YOU for the update! We have all been thinking of you & holding our breath for the next bit of news. So glad to hear that they are doing so well! Im sorry that the diagnosis was confirmed, but it seems like they have a plan in place! Congratulations on heading home! I hear from a lot of women that having twins in the NICU is sometimes a blessing because you have time to heal yourself, while knowing they are in safe and capable hands.

I updated on the IVF boards, but I will update here too. I just HAD to get a second opinion on James' jaw. I have been researching and it freaked me out, and even tho the MFM said everything was okay, I needed a confirmation and didnt think I could wait three more weeks for it. SO my OB sent me to another MFM and I had a scan with them yesterday. They COMPLETELY reded my 20 week scan, including heart echos for both babies. Both of them were doing wonderfully, and have even gained weight in the last week! They are about a pound each! We got tons of photos of James's face, and he is PERFECT. She said his chin is categorized as "normal variation" fancy language for all babies have different chins, and his is in no way, shape, or form too small. We got a head on face shot, and he had his mouth open for a yawn, and we could see eyes, nose, top lip, bottom lip, and chin. She said that they would have never been able to see that chin in a baby with Micrognathia. I am so relieved, and really ready to do some nesting over the weekend & finish the nursery and get ready for our shower in 8 days. Its going to be great! Oh also, my cervix is over 4cm and closed still, which is super promising that these babies are in it for the long haul.

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Mon Oct 05, 2015 9:05 am

Good morning ladies!

Sara, thank you for updating us! It's so wonderful that the girls are born at a healthy weight and Kari was able to breath on her own. Hope she's not on the cpap anymore. I hope that when Leia has her surgery, everything will be smooth and easy! I hope you're doing well from the delivery and spending a lot of time with your beautiful girls!

Reapage, great news on the second opinion! I knew James would be fine! But as mothers to be, I know how paranoid we are :)

Furbaby, I can't believe you are nearing the end! Have you gotten the nursery more prepared? How's work going for you?

Hello to EOE!

Not much going on my end. Work has been really busy and I am about to quit my side job since I am just so tired and would like time to rest during the weekends and nights. I had to clear up my closet to make room for my husband's clothes this weekend. He's been using the closet of the future nursery so it has been an adjustment for me to put away most of my clothes (luckily, most don't fit right now) and give him half the closet. I can't wait to move his office out of there now so I can start preparing the nursery. I just bought four boxes of pampers yesterday! Size 1 since it was such a good deal. Figured I'd share with you girls if you're interested. The other sizes weren't that great of a price for me to buy.

I got two boxes of size 1 for $34.16 and then used their coupon code: 15bucksnow and ended up paying $19.16 for 208 diapers and it was free shipping. Thought I'd pass this on to anyone who would like to buy some now :) I did the deal twice with two new accounts, one for me and one for hubby :)

I have my anatomy scan on Thursday so I've been hoping that everything will be okay when we go in and can get another confirmation on the sexes :)

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:18 pm

Hello mamas!

Sara - Congrats again on the birth of those two beauties! Sounds like they are doing well, and it's great that you are being released. I know you'll still be spending most of your time at the hospital until they get to go home where they belong, but at least it means you're healing well.

Newbie - Yes, we are so close in due dates! I didn't think the GD screener was too bad, if that's what you're taking. It's the one hour test. I've heard of some people who make all of their patients do the 3 hour no matter what. I'm on to the 3 hour on Saturday. :x

Babyhopeful - Great job on the diaper deals! I've already gotten pretty stocked up using great deals and coupons....since it's something that won't go bad. I haven't bought any wipes yet though, because I'm afraid that even in a sealed package they might dry out if I buy them too far ahead of time. We've had to dogma lot of adjusting at my house to prepare for the nursery too. That room was our main storage area, and I usually put my off-season clothes in that closet, so it forced me to finally get rid of some....which was loooong overdue!
Good luck at your anatomy scan this week. I was so nervous for mine, but I loved how detailed it was when it finally came.

Reapage - I know I already commented on your second opinion on the other board, but I'm still so glad you have that reassurance!

Furbabymom - I don't blame you for considering starting your leave early. I. Sure your OB would agree. Making it through a school day is no joke, and I'm not even at the end like you yet!

Hello to everyone else! I know this board can be kind of slow, but I'm guessing that some of our old friends are still checking in occasionally. :wink:

AFM....It's been a rough couple of days. I shared on the ttc board that I failed my glucose screening test, so now I have to do the 3 hour test on Saturday. Considering I didn't eat before the screener, there's a strong chance I actually have GD so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself. I know from Furbabymom that it's not the end of the world, but it still worries me. Then today at my growth scan, they found a "disturbance" in my placenta. I knew it wasn't good when the perinatal specialist came in, because I usually just see the techs there and they show the dr and come back to let me go. He referred to it as a hole at first, and then switched to "disturbance." He said the baby is measuring perfectly right now, and that was a good sign, but that over time it could affect his growth if the hole doesn't clot on its own or gets bigger. Then when I mentioned that I failed my glucose screening (since that can lead to a bigger baby) he looked a little more concerned but said, "Well let's see how you do on the tolerance test." Since there's basically nothing we can do about it, it will just mean more monitoring. I go back in two weeks for another scan and a NST. I'm basically making a day of it, because that's my next OB appointment too.
On a lighter boy was moving all over the whole time, making it difficult to get good measurements of course, but then when they tried to do a 3D pic of his face he put his arms up to cover it and refused to move. We tried everything, but he wouldn't budge. I said he's just like his daddy, who HATES having any pictures taken! We have one pic that shows just his mouth and nose peeking out, and I swear it's a look of total defiance already! I'm really going to have my hands full with this kid!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Wed Oct 07, 2015 9:44 am

Christine, I hope that hole/disturbance clots up and will ease your mind and the drs! I'm sorry to hear about the GD testing. Most of the people I know fail their first test. I don't think I know anyone who passed it the first time. They passed it the second time though so hopefully you will too! I guess one of the "perks" of IVF is the fact that we are quite familiar with shots. I hope you don't have to go that route but at least Furbaby has made us feel easier about that scenario :) Aww, your baby is quite active! Mine are also difficult when we need to do measurements even just heart measurements. I wonder how he'll be when you have him, can't avoid the camera as much once he's out! hehe
I was getting into couponing a few years ago but got busy with work and stopped. Now that we have to get all these essentials for the babies, I am paying attention to deals again! I wasn't planning on buying wipes either but saw this Amazon deal I couldn't resist and I read the shelf life is 2 years so it made me feel better. Getting one of those huge boxes of diapers for $7 was my highlight this week lol

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Wed Oct 07, 2015 3:30 pm

Sara - How has it been adjusting to home? Do they have any ideas about how long they will keep the girls? Any more pics? They are so sweet!

Reapage - I'm so glad to hear your second opinion went well! Are you all set for your shower?

Babyhopeful - Big day tomorrow!! So exciting. I haven't made any progress on the nursery. The crib is up and all the sheets are laundered. My glider is in place, but that is it. DH is refinishing a dresser, but it is literally taking him FOREVER. Once I have the dresser I can get everything else put away and in place. I also have my second shower this weekend so I'm hoping to get everything in place in the next week. Work is miserable. I am thinking I might be done in two weeks (37 weeks), it's getting hard to move around.

Christine - I'm sorry to hear your news about last appointment. Keep us posted about the 3 hour screen, I know it's so discouraging to fail the one hour, but it is possible to pass the 3, even with the family history! If you do have GD I'm happy to share anything I can to help. Have you had a NST yet? I find them super boring, but also reassuring as you hear the baby's heartbeat the entire time!

AFM - My recent NST confirmed that I am having a fair number of contractions (1-2 and hour). They don't hurt just uncomfortable, but I'm feeling the baby pushing down AND baby has dropped. I'm getting the feeling that this lo may be coming sooner than later, but you never know. I really would like to get to 37 weeks (2 more weeks) so the baby's lungs are fully developed. I'm also finding the extreme fatigue is back. Not as bad as first trimester fatigue (I don't think anything can be that bad) but I'm falling asleep on the couch again and dragging at 8pm. I keep reminding myself it is all worth it! I'm excited about my shower and finally getting this nursery completed this weekend.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Thu Oct 08, 2015 6:56 am

Lots of great updates!

babyhopeful, thanks for the coupon and heads up!! I'm purchasing now! Please keep sharing when you come across stuff! What did you find on Amazon? I am big on amazon, I need to keep a better eye out... but truth be told I dont have a good sense of what diapers and wipes usually cost.... Today is your anatomy scan right??? You have been so calm about it! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! I hope/know it will be great! I will be checking back for an update!

Christine, seriously I get that they have to mention these things to us. but whyyyyyyy. I wish they would wait and see what developes because I bet this disturbance is going to resolve itself and not be an issue, and they have you worried for nothing. Especially because baby is measuring well, obviously this isn't a huge concern, right? I mean its really great they are going to keep a closer eye, but I'm sure it will all be fine. You are almost to the 30w mark, everything will be great!

Furbabymom, girl you better get things ready asap, it sounds like baby could really make an appearance sooner rather than later. Is there any way you can check out of work soon? I really feel like some self assigned bed rest could be a nice help, especially to get you to that 37w mark, and especially because you are already having contractions. maybe ask your dr about it soon? Your second shower is this weekend! Yay! Take photos!

AFM, I have been a hot mess this week, ha super emotional, but I am feeling like a new person today. Hormones.... it really takes nothing to make me sob these days. I am feeling so much movement from babies, and I just love it. The nursery is completely painted, the closet is built, its pintrest inspired and I plan to post photos. We are going to set the cribs up tomorrow. and then the shower is saturday. I cant wait! Did I tell y'all about the chair my parents purchased? its one of those beautiful gliders w/ the ottoman, its the upholstered type. He got it from babies R us. I wanted it badly, but the price tag was far too much to justify w/ twins on the way, however since another family member purchased the cribs, he got the chair. I have been checking in with babies r us daily, in hopes that they have it by Sat, it is being sent from their warehouse. I would love for people to see it at the shower, with the cribs! I have been planning this nursery for over a year, and its going to look so lovely.

Getting up for work in the morning is proving to be a HUGE struggle, and I have decided that I will be done around thanksgiving... I will be about 30 weeks, and that's something I can be proud of. Everyday is like a countdown :) 7 weeks to go! my 24w scan is on the 19th, cant wait.

I will be posting pics from this weekend!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Thu Oct 08, 2015 2:01 pm

Hi all!

Furbaby, oh my, the contractions! Hopefully they settle down and don't increase. Yay on the upcoming shower and nursery being done this weekend! Just in the nick of time! Hopefully the LO will stay in for another 2 weeks so you can relax. Maybe you can leave work earlier than you anticipated? Being able to relax and not have to go to work this far along would be nice! I am planning to work as long as possible until my dr tells me to go on bed rest so I can understand if you want to keep working until you can't anymore. I can't wait to see your finished nursery! Soon we'll be meeting this LO!

Reapage, oh no the hormones! Hope they ease up so you can enjoy your shower! It might be the stress of the shower and nursery planning that is making you emotional? I can't wait to see pictures of your nursery too! Hopefully that glider will come in time so the nursery can look even more complete by the time of the shower. I can understand how hard it is to get up in the morning. I grimace when I realize it's time to get up and go to work. Hopefully being able to stay home after thanksgiving will allow you to finalize all the last minute things and you can rest comfortably until 36 weeks or more :) In regards to the diapers, I'll definitely share if I see anything good. Usually good diaper deals disappear fast. I missed one today because they were all sold out :( The amazon deal had to do with Amazon Mom Prime (i did a free trial) and it gave an additional 50% off on top of the 20% off you get as an Amazon Mom and there was a $3 coupon you can clip on their website. It's all gone now though :( My go to price for diapers is $.10 a diaper. If it's in that range, it's a good deal!

AFM, the anatomy scan was long but entertaining. I saw parts I understood and parts I didn't. The tech didn't share much with me but did talk about what she was taking pictures of. I asked if there was anything to be concerned with and she said from what she can tell, no but the dr has to review it because it's up to them to determine what is concerning or not. I see my OB tomorrow and hopefully the other dr will get the results in the system for my OB to review tomorrow and tell me the verdict. Definitely hoping for good news. Twin A is now the boy and Twin B is the girl lol They keep switching! The tech said since they are different genders, it will be easier for them to figure out which twin is which. I told my husband that the nursery needs to be cleared out this weekend so we'll be finishing that up. I'll decide then if I want to paint the walls or not since it's already a grey color and if I do paint it will just be another grey tone haha

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:12 pm

Hello, here's an update on my anatomy scan.

Went to the OB today and was told there were abnormalities in my u/s. She contacted genetics and was waiting for their response which came early this morning before telling me my results. So our baby boy has a bright spot in one of his chambers. This will usually raise concerns about downs but they reviewed my bloodwork from first tri and second tri and said my risks for downs is 1 in 25k and t18 1 in 52k so they are not concerned. All other measurements were normal too. They said it was riskier to do an amniocentesis so I am hoping that nothing is wrong. Our baby girl has a larger than normal belly though and that's what they are more concerned about. I asked my dr what that meant and she said it could mean the intestines are narrow and she can't digest properly but looking at the fluid in the sac, it appears to be normal so she isn't too concerned either but most likely I will go see a high risk dr and may be monitored by them. She contacted the perinatologist dept and is waiting to hear what they want me to do. My dr sounds confident that these are maybe anomalies that are fine. I did ask if it is a concern what would happen and she said the baby would need surgery after birth. I am hoping that my dr's confidence though will mean things will be okay. I'm just waiting and hoping that if we do another u/s it would show her belly is normal and that spot is gone.

Hope you have a good weekend!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Sun Oct 11, 2015 2:00 pm

Baby hopeful. I'm sorry thay there are abnormalities! I feel like a lot of the stuff that they find at the 20w scan usually resolves itself, I do however thing that you should be seeing a high risk OB anyway because it's twins. I have been seeing a high risk OB the entire time. Did they measure your cervix!!?? It sounds like you are pretty calm about everything which is super good. Keep
Us posted on next steps!

Arm I have update in the ttc boards but I will update here too. After some cramping on Thursday @ 22w3d I decided to go see my OB. They checked babies who were perfect and hb's were perfect as well as fluids... However my cervix measures short. I lost a whole CM within one week. My cervix
Seems to be at the low low end of normal. It was 2.6cm-3cm and with pressure it reduced to 2.1cm. I think that's what they are concerned about. Anyway my OB decided to place me on bedrest, I have to stop working, and I meet with the high risk OB tomorrow to remeasure and figure out what are next steps will be. As long as it hasn't gotten shorter, I think (from research) they won't do a cervical stitch because it's risky for infection & can start preterm labor (my co worker had this exact thing happen to her). I think we will do bedrest, and weekly cervix checks. I know several people in my mothers of multiples group thay had this exact experneice and did 5-12 weeks of bedrest and cervix checks and they went to 32-37 weeks... I feel like we can do this but of course it ALL depends on what the high risk doctor tells us tomorrow.

Having our shower while on bedrest was hard but still fun. I stayed at an incline on the couch, and people took care of me :) I really want to
Go set everytnjng up in the nursery but of course I cannot. Luckily my dh and my sister are taking great care of me!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:23 am

Reapage, sorry to hear about your cervix! I hope that it lengthens! I have been getting my cervix checked every 2 weeks starting at 18 weeks. The last time it measured 3cm and my OB said anything above 2.5cm is fine. Last Friday, my cervix was at 3.5cm and that was measured with a straight line and my cervix is curved so she said it's actually longer than that. I hope that today's check up will show better results since you've been on bedrest! I'm sure being put on bedrest was scary but you're doing everything you can for you little ones.

I'm trying to stay positive here but get worried.Told my family Friday night what we heard and couldn't keep the tears in. I was fine the whole day but just talking about it got me sad. I didn't hear from my OB Friday or Saturday, so hoping to hear from her today. Of course I've been googling and have seen other people on other boards mention the same factors my OB told me and overall they were positive so it was reassuring. I'll keep y'all posted.

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Mon Oct 12, 2015 8:53 am

Gosh ladies, the scary news on here is overwhelming!!

Reapage - I'm so glad they caught the shortening early. I know bedrest is no fun but it sounds like the best bet (and safest) for you and the babies. When is your appointment today?

Babyhopeful - I can imagine the results are scary. Keep us posted when you get more news! It sounds like the results truly could just be abnormalities that work themselves out. Fingers crossed!

AFM not much to report. My baby shower was great, I have the hospital bag 90% packed and the nursery is pretty much done, although I decorated. Once I get all the clothes put away I'll send a pic!

Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:24 am

Hey ladies, sorry for the delay in updates! Life has gotten a little crazier with the girls being in the hospital, since I spend most of my time there.

Repage - I am so sorry to hear about your cervix! Luckily they caught it early, and bedrest should help. Just make sure you take it easy and rest/relax as much as possible. Your twins are going to be fine, and I have faith that you'll make it to the date you want! I know it is scary, but remember that no matter what, those twins are almost to viability! Fingers crossed that the bedrest helps and keeps those babies in a lot longer!

Furbaby - I am so glad your shower went well! I can't wait to see your nursery!!

Babyhopeful - I am so sorry to hear about the abnormalities that they saw in your scan. Going to an MFM will definitely help. If you haven't already, since one of them is showing abnormalities in his heart, make sure you request a full echo. It may be a while before you can have it done, since they're so small, but it will help them know the exact extent of the issue. I am keeping you and your little beans in my prayers!

AFM - the girls and I are doing really well! I'll break down the update to each girl:

Kari - She is doing really well, off her CPAP and IV. She is getting caffeine every day to help her "remember" to breathe. She is having less "A's and B's" (apneas and bradys) every day, and is finally starting to gain some of her weight back that she lost. She is still eating through a tube, but is practicing sucking on a binkie to hopefully get to switch to a bottle soon.

Leia - her head is doing really well. She gets an ultrasound every week, and her head size measured every day. The size has increased slightly but the neurosurgeon is saying she is stable. I actually met with him yesterday, and he is saying that she will most likely have surgery to put a shunt in within the next week or two. She is breathing 100% on her own, and is having very few A's and B's.

Both girls were moved from the Level 4 NICU to the Level 2 nursery on Friday, which means they were taken off their incubator warmers and are now officially feeders and growers! I am so proud of my girls!!! The 3 pictures in this post are Kari. The next 3 are Leia.
leia skin.jpg
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Re: Feb/Mar 2015 IVFers!

Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:26 am

Pictures of Leia
sleepy leia.jpg
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