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Postby thetwinsmommy » Tue May 31, 2011 7:35 am

Hey girlie.. Hope you are doing great with the the new little ones.. I'm getting anxious for the arrival of ours. Trying to make it to 35 weeks, then when I think about how soon that is I get all nervous again lol. Anyways I was wondering how long Caleb and Addison were in NICU. This is my biggest fear. My Ob says the babies lookl great and I'm doing good but I think it's only natural to worry.

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Postby macksmom » Tue May 31, 2011 3:06 pm

Hi :)

I am doing much better now that I'm out of the hospital and home with them....crazy to think that it was ME that needed more hospital time than they did! :lol:

Well after I delivered Caleb they kept him in the delivery room for awhile (while I was attempting to deliver Addison vaginally, which didn't happen haha) because they weren't even sure he was going to have to go to NICU because he was doing so well. They decided to send him there anyways just to be safe since he was born early.
Addison had a little rougher start in the delivery room, probably because the actual delivery was so hard on her (trying to deliver vaginally, then going c-section). She was sent to NICU and had an IV started just to liven her up a bit....that was taken out the next day.

They didn't have any other breathing problems, no feeding tubes, didn't even have to be treated for jaundice (which a lot of early twins do). The only reason they were in NICU was to monitor their feedings. The doctors wanted to make sure they were eating enough and doing it consistently.

They were born on a Wednesday, and Addison was discharged with me that aside from the "normal" hospital stay, she didn't have any other NICU time. Caleb was going to be discharged 2 days later (he was a little more of a fussy eater so they wanted to keep an eye on him for another 48hrs)...but when they circumsized him the day before he was to go home, he had a little issue with just was bleeding a bit more than they wanted, so they put a stitch in it. But by that point I was back in the hospital for my first complication, so they let him out of the NICU and let him stay in my hospital technically he was discharged from the NICU then.

So they didn't do much time at all...which I was really proud of. I was happy that even though they were born just over 34weeks, they were great weights and had no serious issues, and hardly any NICU time :)

Of course it's normal to worry...even though I was excited for my twins to come, when the doctor came in and told me they were inducing me because of the pre-e, I still cried because I was scared. But everything turned out fine :) But what mom wouldn't worry :)
Hang in there mama....the end of the pregnancy is the worst, you just don't think you can get much bigger or more uncomfortable! But it's soon forgotten after you see them :):) After that, you really don't even have the time to think about it :lol:
Hope you get as far as you can though, and that if they have to have any NICU time, I hope it's short!!!!!

Good luck! :):)
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