Wacky and weird!

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Wacky and weird!

Postby hazelbazel » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:45 pm

OK, I wanna hear all of the wackiest things you experienced or are experiencing while pregnant with your multiples. Half the things I'm experiencing I didn't even know were possible to experience while pregnant! LOL!

My Skin:
- itchiest it's ever been in my life! Have to have hubby scratch the heck out of my back several times a day! Not to mention my itchy inner ears! This is been driving me CRAZY for months! They itch so bad that they get sore from me trying to itch them. They even wake me up at night.
- skin tags! What is that? I said to myself the first one I found! My hubby oh so lovingly told me, oh that's a skin tag. Oh joy. Since then I have about 5 or 6 of them on my back, my breasts, my armpits, even my leg. I feel like an old warty woman or something. OH SO SEXY.
- pimples. OK, this is not weird, but mine are all down the back of my neck and my back. None on my face.
- GIANT areola. Again, not really weird, but compared to my singleton pregnancies, they are huge.
- as of today, a strange, painless tiny little white bump right on my eyelid along my top eyelashes. What the hell is that anyway???? (that my husband noticed, not me....sigh.)

- Heard of the carpal tunnel thing before, but never the fingers. My fingers are SOOOOO swollen and sore I can barely bend them
- As you all already know.... my insides are apparently swollen....front and back. I had this AFTER I gave birth last time, but never before!
- My nose. Yes, my nose is actually fat. It's the weirdest thing. I can't even look at myself in the mirror, I'm just not me AT ALL right now.

Other things I didn't have with my singletons:
Stretch marks
Swollen EVERYTHING (my feet only swelled before)

Oh and the weirdest response by a stranger??? I'm walking into a restaurant the other night in a long black maxi type of dress... waddling along.... and I said hello to the strangers walking past me. 3 said hello back, and 1 woman just looked at me and burst out laughing! WTH LADY??? I was caught somewhere between pissed and just plain dumbfounded wondering if this woman was missing a few marbles or something? Either way, that was a pretty cruel response! Later than night, after I walked away, a stranger asked my husband when I was expecting. He then found out I was having twins and went ON and ON about how HUGE I am and that I'm the largest pregnant woman he's ever seen in his life... going on to say to his wife.... "seriously, you should've seen it"....... !! PEOPLE!!!!

Anyway, this is mostly for fun, but somehow theraputic to put it all out there in writing! Tell me all about your weird and wacky stuff!!! Please tell me I'm not the only one!!! ;)
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Re: Wacky and weird!

Postby Shelly+3 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:56 pm

Oh you are SOOO not alone!

Tons of weird stuff happened to me this pregnancy I didn't expect!
First the same- I have crazy skin tags too, and they are all in the strangest spots, in the folds of skin under my now ginormo breasts, on the parts of my belly where it is super stretched out and painful, right where the edge of my undies chafe them between my legs - just all awkward painful spots.
- yes I have the areolas that need their own zip code - they were big when I was pregnant last time but this is nuts!
-itching - I am used to the itching because ia have eczema but it isn't normally so bad that I make myself bleed. I have made myself bleed scratching my head a bunch of times, most commonly when I am in public, it seems like I just barely scratch something unconsciously and all of a sudden I notice blood on my fingers and am scrambling to find a tissue to put on the back of my head. The worst was about a month ago, I happened to see in a mirror blood running down the side of my neck! Seriously I felt like the biggest freak! I of course have also scratched my elbows, both wrists, belly and breasts also all to the point of bleeding. Maybe the higher blood pressure has somethig to do with it?
- swelling - I had normal swelling like in my ankles but not bad and not often. Now I have had it every day for quite a while - of course I have been measuring over 40 weeks now for quite a while too. The weird swelling this time has been that my poor VJJ has been really swollen for ages. That and my painful fingers because of the swelling. I have a medication I have to take right upon waking each day and it has been torture to get the lid off the darn thing every day for months now!

Then the strange things that popped up - the hypo-glycemia - that I thought was really strange to get during pregnancy. Also, back in about Feb/March my hair was falling out my the handfuls! I probably lost about a third to half my hair in a month. It turned out my thyroid went out of whack. Now I am on meds for it and thank goodness I didn't go all the way bald!
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Re: Wacky and weird!

Postby Lita74 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:34 pm

This thread made me smile...brought back to me some things I had forgotten about being preggo with twins...like skin tags lol I had them all over my arm pits. My cooch also swelled up like '2 blue twinkes' as Jenny McCarthy said in her book Belly Laughs. I also thought I had gangrene in my thigh because I woke up one day and it was litteraly blue/green with veins. Turns out it was just the way one of the heads was positioned, and the dr. said it was affecting blood flow. I had actually dropped my pants at work to show the head secretary (who was like a mom to me!) So, no gangrene. My feet and legs were so swollen I could hardly walk. I remember my bff's hubby staring and my feet and sayting he couldn't help but stare, b/c he had never seen anything like it before! And I could go on...and on...

Hang in there ladies, it will get better shortly!
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Re: Wacky and weird!

Postby kricket724 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:32 pm

This is great! I can definitely relate with a lot of it.

-The HUGE areolas is definitely a biggie. DH and I had a 8O moment when I was standing in the bathroom one day staring at how ginormous they are!

-The itchiness for sure has been an issue and I have had two scalp bleeds too. I always seem to be itchy somewhere now, especially my arms, legs and head.

-One really freaky thing was when I had my dental cleaning. I usually bleed a little but this last time I was literally spitting out clots of blood! I feel like I'm a giant tick just full of blood these days. Anytime I hurt myself I bleed and bleed and bleed. I slammed my pinky toe into the foot of our bed and peeled off a nice chunk of skin and that thing dripped blood all over my carpet and into the bathroom! Looked like someone had been stabbed!

-My nose bleeds constantly when I blow it and the huge bloody boogers are just super attractive lemme tell ya. That was especially bad over the winter.

-I'm on thyroid meds and so a few months ago I started losing huge clumps of hair too. I still lose quite a bit but not as much as I did then. It was bizarre and a little freaky because I would literally brush my hair and have huge handfuls of hair in the trash.

-I'm still a little in shock that my cervix thinned and dilated so freaky fast. I mean, within about 2 weeks it went from over 3cm thick to 1.5cm thick and dilated to 1cm. Really crazy how fast things can change!

-Crazy protein cravings, never had that with my boys. Seriously since the beginning have wanted nothing but red meat, chicken, bacon, etc. Oh and acidic stuff like OJ and Lemonade. Weird because I normally have a huge sweet tooth.

I'm sure there are more but that's what I can think of off the top of my head right now. 8)
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Re: Wacky and weird!

Postby Shelly+3 » Tue Jun 04, 2013 10:27 pm

Lol Kristen - I am a giant tick too!
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