Roll call: who all is currently pregnant?

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Re: Roll call: who all is currently pregnant?

Postby MegAsc » Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:42 pm

lbabydustw wrote:Buggie- I think a need to add more pillows. Thanks for the suggestion. The only terrible with that is turning over though. ..


Could be SPD or Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction..... pretty much you have "too much" relaxin in your hormones so your hips are not "stable." I had it with my 2nd and I now have it with my 4th. It is VERY painful to flip over in the middle of the night. To do so my best advice is to sit up and keep your legs as close together as you can.... the more spread they are the more it hurts.... you can do it from laying position but I find sitting to be the least painful in doing so. Hope this helps and gives you a little bit of relief!
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