For the "naturally" conceived multiples

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For the "naturally" conceived multiples

Postby Asheo » Sun Mar 02, 2014 8:18 am

Did any of you just have a feeling that there were more than one?
Did you have dreams about it? maybe before even knowing you were pregnant?
Or maybe an old wives tale predicted it and it was right? lol

The night before my positive I had a dream that I was at my first prenatal appointment, the heart rate was extremely high so they pulled out their little ultrasound machine to check on things... they could tell there was definitely more than one baby but would need to use the bigger machine to see if it was twins or triplets lol.

The old wives tale with the needle on a thread over the hand that tells you how many kids you'll have and their sex... it says boy/girl twins! This needle thing has never ever been wrong in my family! I did it over and over again for a good 10 minutes straight yesterday lol, same result every time! The one over the belly, same deal! I'm fully prepared to see 2 babies when I go for my first ultrasound lol, I'll be more shocked if it's only one! I'm nuts.
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Re: For the "naturally" conceived multiples

Postby spirited7777 » Tue Mar 04, 2014 12:08 am

i feel like i might be but rationally i know the likelihood is incredibly small. im sure most girls think about it though, almost as much as what sex is it going to be.
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