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Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Tue Oct 27, 2015 12:10 pm

It's funny. Friday I was so over it and then today, I don't feel too terrible. I guess this is how these last weeks are going to be. No signs these babies want to evacuate either. I'll be curious to see how they are doing at my next appt and scan, which is in 2 weeks.

Yep, as I say, my first, second, and last! What about you?

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Tue Oct 27, 2015 2:09 pm

I say the same. These are my first and last!!

36w - Only 2 more OB appointments until I deliver next Thursday. My boy (Baby B) is still transverse while my girl (Baby A) moved from head down to cephalic oblique. She's been head down this entire time and now she wants to change things up?! Ugh!! C-section for sure now. Weights look good (Girl is 7lbs 4oz and the boy is 6lbs 12oz). I though they'd be bigger but that's ok. Even if they are off by a pound they are good weights. I got a lot of laughs from people and a lot of "you haven't delivered yet?!" One person in the waiting room asked if there was one or two in there. The doctor looking at my ultrasound said I was an amazing gestating machine - LOL! I do have a ton of fluid so they are confident that I shouldn't have an issue losing all the weight I've put on. I've been getting mild headaches and was told that they would deliver after 36w for a headache so I need to call if they don't go away after 1hr post Tylenol. Weird, I didn't know this! Also, to rule out pre-e, I have to do a 24hr urine collection and keep it in the fridge (gross)! Side note - my OB now thinks I'm insane. She commented about how nice my hair looked (curled it this morning) and I told her I do this before every appointment because I don't know when game time is and I need to be prepared! 9 days left!!

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Thu Oct 29, 2015 12:15 pm

OMG, just 1 week! How F’N EXCITING! And what a relief I know! Those are amazing weights for twins! I’ve never heard that about headaches but I haven’t gotten much, at least during the last 3 months. It’s weird they are having you do the urine collection since you are delivering next week but I do know that pre-e can have a bunch of complications so can’t fault them for being thorough. I had to do the 24 hr collection before and was supposed to do it this pregnancy but never did (oops) and they didn’t say anything to me about it so oh well. If my babies come early, I’m going to look a hot mess for sure! But I am going to make sure my hair looks decent if I make it to my c-section date. I wish I could say my c-section was next week. I’ve reached that point. I cry every night because I can’t sleep and now I am in physical pain when I turn over or walk. Although everyone keeps telling me how good I look. It’s only going to get worse as these babies put on more weight. I won’t know their actual weight until my ultrasound on 11/11. Praying they get to 6 lbs. I want to avoid any NICU time!

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:02 pm

Hows it going @lmtc430?! Has it been as crazy for you as it has been for me?! Now I'm thinking...what on earth was I complaining about when pregnant!! Had I known it would be like this, I would have milked every second of it!! Hope you are well. My boy/girl twins were born 12 days before yours! 11/5/15! Congratulations :)

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Thu Feb 25, 2016 10:27 am

You are right about milking every pregnancy second! After having my twins I realized how much I LOVED...YES, LOVED being pregnant. It's been SUPER TOUGH at points taking care of 2 babies with no prior experience and I've had to go on medication for anxiety but things are SOOOOOOOO much better now. My twins are now 3 months and are growing like crazy. I have a super calm baby boy but my baby girl is a fussy one. We are finally in a grove and they are finally sleeping in cribs, just not through the night yet. I'm still struggling to find daycare (long story) but otherwise things are good. What about you? I definitely could be a twin mom without my amazing mom and husband. It really takes a village as they say!

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:17 pm

Sounds like we're in the same spot!! Super fussy girl and very calm boy!! They have been in daycare for a month now and I am loving it because they will sleep through the night on daycare days but still wake on non-daycare days. They are still in cosleeper in our room but once they consistently sleep through the night, we will move them to their room. I'm just now feeling like I'm coming out of survival mode! Do you have Facebook? I'm part of a great group where all members have had twins in October/Novemeber. I'll add you if you are interested. It's such a network of ladies! Very helpful when you have questions!

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Mon Feb 29, 2016 12:19 pm

I also feel like I'm coming out of survival mode. It's so nice having the twins sleep in their own room and own beds. One slept 6.5 hrs this weekend, longest ever and they are now consistently sleeping 4-5 hours the first stretch of sleep at night. Compared to where I was 2 months ago, this is luxurious! I got your message and I'l send a request for that group!

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Tue Mar 01, 2016 8:43 am

Hi Everyone... I have a quick question.
I just had my betas done yesterday at what would be 5w3d or 5w1d (not exactly sure yet) and they seemed quite high from my previous experiences... can you twin mamma's share what yours were around that time? Mine were 8993

Re: 9wks pregnant with twins and TERRIFIED

Wed Mar 02, 2016 10:10 am

Mine were over 12000 at 5w
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