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Fri May 22, 2015 9:52 am

Hi ladies! I had a FET in April and we transferred two blasts. I had my first ultrasound today at 5 weeks 6 days. We have twins! One sac is measuring 6 weeks 2 days and had a hb of 100. The second sac is measuring 5 weeks 6 days and we saw a slight heartbeat but couldn't pick up the bpm yet- we also saw the fetal pole and yoke sac. Is this normal for them to be about 3 days apart in growth and should I have seen a stronger hb in the smaller one?

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Sat May 23, 2015 5:57 am


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Sun May 24, 2015 6:11 am

congratulations x Mine were measuring 3 days apart at 9 weeks, perfectly normal.

these boards are pretty quiet as most of us are hectic twin mums now but i think there are a few ladies around still expecting, so repsonses will likely be slow x
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Mon May 25, 2015 12:17 pm

CONGRATS!!! SO EXCITING!!!! I really hope that everyting goes well with your Twins!! They can definitely be a little apart in size, and early on it is not uncommon to have not as strong of a heart beat. The next ultrasound will be important, if they are both growing in size and you definitely have good heartbeats on that one, then I think you can feel pretty confident that they are both healthy! Keep us posted:

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Thu May 28, 2015 12:12 pm

Thanks to you both for responding :) I understand the business...I have 4 children myself! I had my ultrasound today...both babies are still there YAY! One is measuring 6w3d the other 6w4d their hb's were 140 and 110. I'm a little worried about the lower hb even though the dr said its fine. What do you ladies think?

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Sat May 30, 2015 11:58 am

Hi Sgtfish! Congrats on the twins :) This is my first time posting and I was trying to find a post in this category that I can closely relate to. We also just had a FET on 4/23 and found out a couple weeks ago that it's twins too! I have an 18 month old (from the 5th fresh cycle) too so it's exciting and scary! I am 8 weeks today and have our u/s on Tuesday to make sure both are still there. I'm so glad I found someone going through this with such close timing!

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Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:08 am

Hi ladies! And congratulations!

Sgtfish129 - I am 13 weeks with twins (found out at 6 weeks). I wouldn't worry about the lower HB especially if the doctor thinks it's fine especially at this early stage. I would say, just based on my experience, your ultrasound around 9-12 weeks will tell you a bit more about the babies' well being, especially heart rates. At 6 weeks, 2 days, one twin was right on track and the other was a day ahead. Their heart rates were 125,121. At 11 weeks, 2 days, they were both measuring closer to 12 weeks with heartbeats of 164,167.

This is my first pregnancy so everything is new to me! But I am definitely learning a lot, especially about twins!

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Thu Jun 04, 2015 3:44 pm

Congrats to you as well jmc111!!! Hopefully you have two sticky beans there!!!

Sgtfish129 - I wouldn't worry about that heart rate, it is really good that they are very size concordant. But I agree also with lmtc430, the 9-12 week ultrasound is going to be a bit more reassuring. I remember that early period so well - I was googling and looking up all sorts of things. There was one medical paper about outcomes for twins, and they did not mention heart rate - the thing that was the biggest predictor of healthy twin pregnancy in those early ultrasounds was fetal concordance - meaning to they measure close to each other in length. Sounds like yours are right where they should be!! FX everything goes well for all you ladies!!!!
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