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Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 6:03 am
by tdarrow
Lurking from June DDC. Just wanted to say you look great and congrats on making it this far. You are doing GREAT!!! Prayers that your lil ones are able to stay put a lil bit longer and that labor and delivery goes smoothly for you. :-) God Bless!!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 8:59 am
by reapage
Sorry I haven't updated. I love your bump photo!!!! Sooooo much baby in there! Congratulations on making it so far! Your C is so close! And they will be so healthy and chubby!

I actually went into preterm labor on Monday. We went just for a regular cervix check and I was dilated. So they sent me to labor and delivery when I contracted for 5 hours in triage. They gave me two shots of terb that didn't help, and I ended up being admitted, given two shots of steroids 24 hrs apart and spent 24 hours on Magnesium to stop labor. That's an awful drug! But it worked.

I was moved from a delivery room on Tuesday into a high risk perinatal room. It's basically to be my home away from home until we deliver. So hospital bedrest for happy that we are at least almost to 28 weeks. Also being on hospital bedrest really removes the temptations that I have at home. Here. All of my food and everything is brought to me which is nice. I'm 3cm dilated that they can see on the scans but they don't want to do a real check with their fingers, because it could put me back into preterm. Anyway, every day we get a little closer and every day we find out something new. For right now tho, the babies are so active and have lots of fluids. They have no idea that my body is trying to evict them haha. Also, I haven't ruptured membranes or anything which is really, really good so it's just a matter of staying horizontal all day every day until something comes up.

I miss my house and my dogs and my life... It's hard being stuck like this, but we are in the home stretch.

The NICU did come by and assured us that even if we went into labor today, the babies would be great. They get so many 27-28 weekers and they do just fine so that's assuring, but you know I want to get to 30+ at least!

I wish I could just fast forward.

I can't wait to hear all about the babies arrival!!! I'll be checking back for updates!!!!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:16 am
by lmtc430
It’s a good thing in a way that twins tend to have so many “issues” compared to a single pregnancy because doctors already know that things like this can happen and can jump in right away to intervene and make sure they are born as healthy as possible. 30 weeks would be a great milestone! I’m sure they are getting all they need to strengthen their lungs, which is the most important part. They just need to fatten up!

No one wants to be in the hospital on bed rest at this stage but it’s a good thing – they can monitor you and babies and do everything possible to keep them “cooking” a bit longer. I hope they have good food! I know you want to be home. I was cranky sitting in a hospital bed being monitored for 2 hours (although that bed was really small) so I can imagine how frustrating it is to have to spend the rest of your pregnancy there. But you have the right attitude about it all! I hope you can find some ways to keep yourself busy. I know this sounds weird but it will be a huge relief once they are here because even though you’ll have 2 babies to take care of, you’ll be able to resume life, move around, etc. Plus, they’ll probably be spending a couple weeks in the NICU, so you can finish their nursery and the rest of the preparations. No one wants to go home without babies but they will be in good hands!

I am sending you the most positive vibes that they stay put for at least another 2 weeks! Grow babies, grow!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 5:06 pm
by lmtc430
I hope all continues to be well with you. I am thinking of you each day! I am sorry it has taken me so long but the twins came earlier than expected on 11/17/15.

I hope to hear from you soon!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:10 pm
by reapage
Congratulations!!!!!!!!! How is everyone doing??? I'm thinking of you!! I can't wait to hear all about it! Share every detail you can... Well as much as you have time for, bet you are so busy!

I'm still on hospital bedrest. And I have stupid gestational diabetis. I don't even wanna talk about how complicated this pregnancy has been! Lol. Anyway the babes are staying put and I'll be 30w on Monday. Please pray we can make it another five weeks! That would be amazing!

Congratulations mama!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:13 am
by lmtc430
Hopefully a complicated pregnancy will lead to a very uncomplicated life with babies! Maybe they will be the chillest babies ever and you won't have any issues! I now know how much being in the hospital sucks and I was only in there for 4 days. You are amazingly strong! I was about ready to just walk out of that damn place I was so over all the people constantly checking on me. Ugh.. we go...this is going to be a long read!

I had a normal prenatal appt on 11/17. The days before were really stressful as we were trying to finish everything, I wasn't sleeping well at all, and my husband's dog was getting sick. That day, I woke up to the dog continuing to throw up everywhere, he wouldn't eat, and I was just super overwhelmed. I was supposed to start maternity leave on 11/16 but was so busy at work, I worked that day and then a little on 11/17. I went to my appt on 11/17 and had a normal ultrasound to check for everything. I was told that everything looked fine but my fluid levels were low. I asked what that could mean and was told that it could mean they would have to be born sooner but the tech couldn't really say for sure, it would be up to the doctor.

The thought of delivering earlier freaked me out. I was praying to make it to 11/23 just because so much was left to do. I sat in the waiting room for my dr appt just mentally freaking out. Finally meet with the doctor and she tells me that babies have to come that night. I immediately started crying. Here I am, alone, being told my babies were coming a week earlier than expected and then realizing I'm not done at work and we have a sick dog at home. I even asked if we could wait a day because I just wanted to be able to mentally prepare. I was told to go down to labor and delivery and prepare for my c-section. Of course, I have no hospital bag ready, nothing. I'm texting my mom and husband, who are both at work. It was about 4pm when I checked in and was taken back to prepare.

As they are prepping me for surgery, I just continue to think about all the unfinished crap. I just felt so unready. This was something I wanted 4 years for but was ready now to put it off. My husband finally makes it to the hospital and they wheel me back to the operating room. I was also nervous as this was my first actual surgery (where they cut into me, not just remove a finger bump or a uterine polyp). I was nervous but really curious about the whole process. There were a lot of people in the OR but not as many as I thought. They placed the spinal and started everything to make me numb. Getting the spinal wasn't horrible, uncomfortable at best. Finally, everything starts going numb, which is a crazy weird feeling. In an instant, my husband is coming in the room, and they begin. It felt like a long time before they were ready to deliver. I had a brief moment when I thought I was going to vomit but they took care of it and I felt pretty good otherwise. I couldn't even feel the pressure or tugging they tell you that you'll feel. They ask my husband if he wants to look at at 5:59p, Fiona was born and she had the cutest little cry and then I started crying. It was the most surreal moment of my entire life. Two minutes later, her brother, Oliver was born. They cleaned them off, and brought them over to DH and he held them next to me as they finished things with me and sewed me up.

I think I was back in recovery by 6:40p or so. They put both babies on my chest for skin to skin. I was hoping to breastfeed them but wasn't able. My blood pressure was not going down and my urine output was 0. The doctor was slightly concerned since I had so much fluid in me. I was monitored for a long time and my blood pressure continued to go up and up (like 200/100 or something really crazy). They tried a couple things without luck. Of course it didn't help that my mom was starting to worry and thought something bad was going on. The doctor decided that I would have to stay in labor and delivery and be put on medication (magnesium) for 24 hours. Apparently, I developed pre-eclampsia AFTER delivery and not before which isn't common but can happen.

I was hooked up to all kinds of things and told that until my blood pressure went down and I was urinating, I would have to stay put. Because the meds and them possibly making me out of it, I also couldn't have my babies in the room unless someone else was there. We decided that my mom would spend the night to watch over me and we would send the babies to the nursery. I also was unable to pump or breastfeed and I had to make the tough decision to start the twins on formula. Even though the meds were supposed to make me tired, I ended up staying up all night because I was just too wired with the day's events to sleep. Hubby stayed at home with the other kids and to prep things for babies.

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:42 am
by lmtc430
That was Tuesday night. Wednesday, I continued to be hooked up to everything and had my blood pressure constantly monitored. It did get lower but was still high. That day, I finally got to see my babies again. They didn't stay too long though because I was going to be alone that night. Wednesday night, my blood pressure had lowered enough and my urine output so good that they were ready to move me to the postpartum wing. As you know, you lose all modesty in these situations. The nurse came in, took my catheter out and helped me put on the mesh undies. I wasn't bleeding terribly but enough for like a medium flow day. Getting up was SO painful. I can't describe the feeling. It's a mix of pain and your body not knowing how to work. They got me into my other room and gave me pain pills. I was finally ok enough to walk around the room and use the bathroom. I also was so wired I didn't sleep much from Wed into Thursday.

Thursday morning, my mom came to stay with me and they brought the babies to stay with me too. It was very weird because I have no newborn experience and hello, I had 2 babies now to take care of. It was tough, I won't lie. ALso, the other tough part was starting to breastfeed. I didn't feel comfortable doing it in front of anyone other than DH so I was hesitant to start trying. The lactation consultant came and showed me how to do it and pump. I was so overwhelmed though with everything that I didn't start doing it and continued having them on formula. My mom kept stressing me out because she was making a big deal about me breastfeeding and I already felt terrible using formula. Then I was feeling alone because DH had so much to do at home that he didn't stay with me in the hospital. I felt like I was inconveniencing my mom and I hated it. So, not only had this been a crazy couple of days, but DH also has to make the decision to put down his dog due to an unidentified illness.

I stayed in the hospital until Saturday. It was stressful because I had no sleep and was constantly being monitored and babies too. Fiona has some breathing issue one night that freaked me out but it turned out to be nasal swelling from being suctioned at birth. I mean it literally sounded like she couldn't breathe. That and just figuring out how to care for babies. I was alone with them for a 2 hour period and it was crazy stressful. By the time we got home Saturday, I literally felt like I couldn't do it. I cried and cried those days. It was definitely the most overwhelming time in my life. It didn't help that my mom was still pressuring me about breastfeeding and that so much was undone at home. It was pretty shitty.

However, my mom came over on Sunday and Monday and helped me clean and get a lot of organization done. Made me feel so much better. Just something as easy as finding a place for bottles and formula made me feel better. I thought on Sunday I was going to need medication to feel better but by Monday, things felt much better. Breastfeeding hasn't been easy. My milk didn't come in until Sunday (so 5 days after delivery). I've tried to BF and pump but it's difficult with 2 babies, Their doctor made me feel much better because he said that it doesn't matter as long as they are healthy. Formula feeding is just fine and they are getting a little milk from me to help give them all the positive benefits from breastmilk. I am struggling with a low supply but it seems to be getting a bit better.

It's been tough! I could easily take care of 1 baby at this point, with my eyes closed and hands tied behind my back. I will be the first to say that 2 babies is challenging BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE! We;ve found a way to make it work and are getting into a rhythm. The worst thing has been lack of sleep. Babies are eating around every 3 hours although sometimes its a bit longer or a bit less. Since I am not nursing them at each meal, I can theoretically take naps since DH can have one of his kids help. Plus my mom has come over to help. However at night it's tough because they won't sleep in the twin pack n play. They will only sleep near or on us and I hate sleeping in bed with a baby. DH has been sleeping on the recliner with 1 and me in bed with the other. We are hoping to find a solution to this soon. I'm not terribly concerned as I know its going to be like this for a couple weeks. They still technically should be in the womb so it's a big adjustment for them and us in trying to find ways to make the feel safe and secure.

I think if there wasn't a million other things going on when I delivered plus the unexpectedness of their birth, I would have felt so much better. I just needed one more week but oh well, my body had different plans. The important thing is that they were and are healthy. Oliver was 5lbs, 12oz and Fiona was 6lbs, 6oz when born. Oliver went down to 5 lbs, 6 oz and Fiona 5 lbs, 12 oz when we left the hospital but they are now putting on weight. She is back up to over 6 lbs. Another unexpected aspect was that they were both jaundiced because of our blood types...I am O+ and they are A+ and it can cause issues with excess bilirubin in the blood. They had to be placed under lights after birth but not since. Ive had to take Fiona to be checked multiple times this week at the doctors to make sure her levels are going down and they are! But we are so lucky they are doing so well! Plus, my recovery is going great. I only took pain pills for 2 days and haven't been on anything since. My incision is healing well and pain is minimal. Bleeding has went away for the most part but when I nurse or pump, my uterus contracts and I get a little more bleeding but it;s not a lot.

Anyway, that's my long ole birth story. The twins are so cute and they look NOTHING like! They also have their own little personalities. Fiona is sassy and Oliver is laid back. They are relatively "easy" babies but do have their moments. My DH is a baby pro and I am still finding my way. It takes me a long time to change a diaper and he can do it in like 30 seconds. I will put a picture of them below.

I don't have any big words of advice other than just go with the flow. I thought I would be a breastfeeding pro but I'm not and I find that completely disappointing but formula isn't the worst. They are well feed and growing well. You can have the best made plans and they all go to hell. It all works out in the end. Just do what works best for you all! And if someone asks to help, ALWAYS SAYS YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope your babies stay in several more weeks! I know you are ready to get out of the hospital! But each additional week they spend in there, the healthier they will be!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:33 pm
by reapage
Thank you for being so detailed! It gives me an idea of what we can expect! That's a crazy turn of events! I can't believe you worked up until delivery day! You are one tough chick! I can't imagine going from a normal check up to delivering all in a couple hours! We were afraid that would be the case for us when we were admitted but it didn't end up happening, thank god.

So exactly what gestation were they born at?? Were your fluids ever low before or did it just happen? What levels were they?

They are soooooo cute and peaceful in the photo! And no they don't look alike haha. That's awesomene! Ah your story like scares the crap out of me, but it's also like making me so freaking excited!! I just hope we can keep them in long enough that they can go home with us instead of to the NICU. But if they do need the NICU, at least I will have some time to heal before taking on two newborns. I bet it's really hard, you aren't used to babies and then suddenly you have two at once! I have so many siblings, babies are second nature to me. But dh has never spent a lot of time with an infant so it's going to be so new for him.

I have hear about similar situations to yours with breastfeeding. It all comes down to how your body reacts to birth and everything... I know we envision things going a certain way, but it comes down to the health of the babies. I mean I didn't envision spending HALF of my pregnancy in bed, not aloud to go out in public, or especially on hospital bedrest... Wtf? But we do the very best we can with the cards we are dealt, and you are doing a great job, don't let anyone make you feel like you are anything but a rock star.

The good thing about working up until D day is that you get your entire leave with the babies! That's wonderful! I am sure that even tho you weren't 100% ready, you'll be able to get things together. We didn't pack the diaper bag or anything! But we will live. Take things as they come!!

I am going to be 30 weeks on Monday!!!!!!!! Does it go by faster after that mark? I always assumed it would. I'm just so glad to get to that junction. If the babies were born at 30w they would be premies.... Anything before that is a micro premie... I can't believe we made it to premies! Ah after such a crazy, scary first and second trimester I have learned to just roll with the punches. Being in the hospital is getting boring. But I sleep a lot. I can't sleep well at night and te nurses are waking me up for meds, monitoring and vitals 24/7.... So I sleep on and off all the time. Also I was diagnosed with gestational diabetis.... OF COURSE. it's really not so bad. It actually comes down to the fact I wasn't eating enough... And I was going too long between meals. So now I eat three meals And thee snacks a day. I get 4 finger pricks a day to test my blood sugar levels. At first it hurt but I'm getting used to it. I have been doing it since Monday and have only failed one time, and it was because I had forgotten to order sausage with my breakfast. Yesterday I got food that wasn't prepared by the hospital for the first time.. My sister and dh brought a turkey, stuffing, mash potatoes, green bean cassarole and a few other things. I was nervous about it because I couldn't monitor to make sure I was getting enough or not too much of my protein and carbs... I had the food for my much and my dinner and both finger pricks afterwards were the best ones I've had so far! Diabetis is super weird and complicated.

Dh comes to visit every day on his way home from work for a few hours.., it's great but also hard. My life is like on hold so I don't have much to talk about since I just sit in a room with four walls, all day watching Netflix and sleeping... But we are making it work. My puppy has also gotten to visit a few times and that helps.

Anyway. I'm ready for another nap haha.

Keep me posted on the babes and I'll keep you posted on these little ones over here! I haven't gotten an ultrasound since 27 weeks so I'm going to bug my OB on Monday about doing another. She just has to put an order in and I feel like 30 weeks is a good time for a growth scan. Wish me luck!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:21 pm
by lmtc430
It's funny because my mom said she just knew they would come early but didn't want to tell me that because I was so sure they' make it to 11/23. They were born at 37 weeks, 2 days. We are lucky they didn't have any major health issues. Although technically, twins are considered full term at 37 weeks. I have no idea why my levels were so low as it didn't happen before. I can say I was drinking way less in the weeks before their birth. I read that being dehydrated can make fluid levels go down. They are small and don't have hardly any fat on their little bodies. It's funny, friends on facebook post photos of their newborns and I am jealous because they are so much bigger. I know soon enough, they'll be little fat babies.

Don't be scared about delivery. I think you'll be fine as you're already in the hospital and used to how it goes...people coming in an checking on you at all hours. Also, you'll be so ready for that moment! I miss being pregnant so much that it makes me cry. Of course, my pregnancy was rather easy until the end. I miss feeling them move. I miss my huge belly. I guess I feel this way because I will never be pregnant again unless by some crazy chance we decide to have another but I don't want anymore kids and know he doesn't either! All the crappy symptoms of being pregnant have gone away except my carpal tunnel. It's still the same and it's pissing me off. I can't hardly get their sleepers buttoned. I have a doctor appt tomorrow so I am going to ask but I know they'll tell me it could be a while before it goes away or maybe it never does.

Woohoo 30 weeks - that is awesome!!!!! Time flew for me the last 8 weeks. But it might go slower for you since you don't have a lot to keep you busy. Although my time in the hospital seemed to pass quickly. It's a good thing you are there and they can monitor the diabetes. Diabetes is annoying as hell but manageable once you learn how to do it. My husband is diabetic although he hasn't been doing a good job of treating it due to all the recent changes. He was able to easily bring down his blood sugar be eliminating a bunch of sugar and carbs,which is the real key. I couldn't sleep either in the hospital because they would come by each hour. My mom was so frustrated with it she told the nurses to leave me alone so I could sleep. Eventually, I'd wake up enough for them to take my vitals and then go back to sleep. That was my biggest annoyance there but I was so glad to get 3 meals a day. My hospital was rather nice....felt like being in a hotel sometimes with the food and other services. I wish DH could have stayed with me but it is what it is. I'm sure you get lonely in there but soon enough you'll be back home with two babies!!!

I hope you get an ultrasound. Wish me luck on my first day alone with babies. DH goes back to work tomorrow. I am nervous but only because I need way more sleep. I just hate it because DH works and will need his sleep so I won't ask for his help overnight. He told me that when he gets home, I need to go to bed. If that's the case, I guess I can sleep from 5ish to 10-11pm. That would be nice. My mom also wants to help and come over and let me sleep during the day and she has the time to take from work I just feel bad. I know people want to help but I just feel like such a burden. Ugh, hate feeling this way.

Oh..prepare to be weepy once they come. I cried so many times the days after they were born. The hormones post pregnancy are just as "fun" as during. It gets better though!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:05 am
by Luckyduck23
Oh my goodness look at those little cuties!! Congratulations mama, you did great(:

I'm still lurking around and stalking your pregnancy reapage and my oh my have you gone through it, but 30 weeks is such a great milestone! I am so happy for you! I really just wanted to pop in to say congratulations, and also to offer a super small bit of advice that might be quite helpful in the grand scheme being you two will be so busy with TWO amazing little babies!(; I saw you both posted about the dr Brown's bottles, and with my first they were the only ones I used bc they were just about the only "anti colic" bottle out there at the time! But now that I've had my second I've come across the "mam" brand, which are also anti colic and 100000x (no exaggeration I swear) easier to CLEAN!! They are "self sanitizing" in the microwave and don't have that stupid insert that has to have that stupid special little brush, and after a few months w/ dr Browns that piece that attaches to the blue tube has to be replaced bc the buildup on it stops washing/scrubbing goes from a beige colored piece to turning yellow and its gross milk residue that starts sticking worse and worse once the piece starts becoming "worn" from daily use, and I am very particular about washing bottle parts so I assure you this was not due to lack of attention or from not cleaning the pieces properly! I used to get so aggravated with those dr Brown bottles but now since I have found these Mam bottles I am in love lol They have a large rubber piece that goes into the bottom of the bottle (the neck, middle, and bottom all screw on/off for easy access and for the nifty self sanitizing feature) that covers up little holes that are in the bottom piece so the air can escape out, which makes them every bit as awesome as the dr Brown bottles, just so much easier to deal with! And no special brushes to worry about getting all the pieces clean! Aafter 4 months of using the MAM bottles I've not had a single issue with residue that just won't come off of the extra piece to the bottle, whereas I had that issue by the 3rd month with dr Brown's. The one time I thought it was going to start up on the rubber piece in the Mam I used the sanitizing feature and the residue wiped right off, with no special tool needed(; oh and one last perk, wide neck so if you're using formula they're easier to dump the scoop into and if you're pumping and saving milk they're easier to pour milk in to from the bag. I always liked the concept of a wide neck bottle but never liked the design of them, but these are flawless imho! Anywho, just a thought in case yall get as frustrated with those darn parts as I did(: I know, this is a lot of text about a silly bottle but I'm telling ya,
I would've loved if these were around with my first. That dang attachment piece in the dr brown bottle can get seriously grimy and honestly, just having to wash all those parts gets incredibly tedious and I'm thinking if yall use bottles with twins and have to deal with TWICE the time it takes to get those intricate pieces clean, a long with having to worry about whether dh is washing properly bc well you know, men...thought it might be pretty helpful(;

But yea. Lol! Congratulations again to both of you on each of your milestones! I really enjoyed reading your delivery experience and how you've come to cope afterwards lmtc (you really are one tough mama!), and I am super excited for you making it so far with such a great attitude about it all after all you've have to deal with Reapage, can't wait to see those beautiful babies (but also can, because cook babies, cook!)! Twin mamas are seriously super heroes in my book (I should know, my own mama is one! Hehe) xoxo

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:35 pm
by lmtc430
Luckyduck23 - thank you for the recommendation on the bottles! We actually are using Dr. Browns to mix the formula (it's the "easiest" thing we have right now for doing that) and then we pour it into smaller bottles. Right now the Dr. Browns bottles flow a bit too fast. I haven't used them enough to experience build up but it is a little annoying having to wash all the various parts. I haven't heard of the MAM bottles but will definitely look into it. You are right, a wide neck is must for formula mixing. Thank you for the kind words too! I never imagined I'd ever have 1 baby, let alone 2 and it's tough but you just find a way to make it work!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:57 am
by reapage
I wrote this loooong reply and then I lost it!!!!!! UGh.

Lucky, so good to see you around! Thanks for checking in! My friend also said the same about the bottles, luckily I only purchased a starter kit of Browne's bottles to see if the babies even like them before ordering more, so we will try them and either go with that or the MAM. Hope your little girl is doing well! and the rest of your family.

lmtc, how has it been with just you and the babies? I think most moms have that moment during the first few weeks where they just need to go into the bathroom and cry a bit haha. I know that will happen to me, I don't do well when Im tired. But we will have my mom with us for the first few weeks, so hopefully I will get into a groove before she leaves.

Thanks for sharing all the info about your c section and everything. Its crazy how it all happened!! So fast! I was on mag when I was first admitted and it was one of the worst experiences ever. I was on fire and puking and it was hard to breathe. I feel like all of that, coupled by wanting to be around your babies would be so so hard! You are such a toughie!

I know I will be like you and miss my belly and the movement.... but thats about all I will miss haha. I am so ready to be done!

We are almost at 32 weeks!!!! Our doctors have all along been saying 32,32,32 and we are finally (almost) here! Im so happy! But it seems like these twins are here for the long haul. We did notice some growth restriction with baby A. His cord is having some minor flow restriction. It usually progresses into a bigger issue, but so far in the last two weeks we haven't seen any progression so we are hopeful that they will be born before anything comes of it. I am now doing two scans a week to check on it tho, if at some point it gets worse to a degree where the flow is reversed they will deliver, but like I said it hasn't progressed and we only have 2-4 weeks left, so Im hopeful it won't. He is a little guy tho, but my OB said she never expected me to have big babies anyway. I mean pre pregnancy I was 4'11 and 110-120lbs. I haven't had any normal contractions in almost 4 weeks so thats good too. I think we are going to make it to 34 or even 36 weeks. However, I don't think they will let me go past 36 weeks.... at least I hope not. Im hanging on by a thread haha, ready to get my life back and meet my babes! It will be INSANE if we have this crazy complicated pregnancy and end up making it to 36 weeks! I would love that. Only 2-4 weeks to go!!!!

I have a scan this morning to check movement, fluids and cords, so wish me luck. Cant wait to hear how mom life is going for you!!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Fri Dec 11, 2015 5:49 pm
by lmtc430
36 weeks would be absolutely fantastic and right at the point when most twins are born! At this point, if they have to come, more than likely they wouldn't have many complications. But each day they say inside is important! What are they measuring in terms of weight? I can't remember what my little ones were but of course, they had a ton of room to get big. I can imagine how over it you must be!!! It's crazy how many little variables there are like fluid levels and cord issues. I would never have imagined they would tell me my fluid level was low. I didn't even register it as being a possibility. I can't wait to see a birth announcement from you!!!!!

Not going to sugarcoat things..twin life is tough. If I get enough sleep, things go well and I feel amazing. When I have had no sleep, I cry and don't feel like I can do it. Of course, not all parts of the day are rough just some parts. My mom comes and helps when I need so for example she came over yesterday and let me go to sleep. DH is back to work (he did go back and then took a couple extra days off) so I am with the twins from 12am to about 4:30pm. I try to go to bed around 7 or 8pm and wake up and repeat. The twins were sleeping for about 3 hrs but now its down to 2ish. I wasn't able to sleep when they did but now I am so tired I go right back to bed as soon as I feed them and get them back to sleep. Sometimes they fall asleep while feeding and its easy to put them back in their rockers. Other times, they won't sleep for anything and I find that most stressful. Having your mom there is going to be a huge help. Just make sure you can find some time to sleep because it makes a world of difference.

You all will find a routine that works for you all and the best piece of advice I have is do whatever works. Also, anything you've been told in books and classes, ignore. I was told in all my childbirth classes not to use a pacifier for the first 6 weeks and not to bottle feed because it will cause nipple confusion. Too bad. I had to use formula and I use a pacifier for both babies because it works to soothe them. Neither has caused problems. Still trying to breastfeed and pumping is going horribly (not getting any milk really) but I keep trying. I have felt all this stupid stress over the crap I've read and such and I had to realize that for the first 6 weeks of life, babies are still adjusting. Its ok if they dont sleep in their cribs or if they wake all night and sleep all day. It will all work out. I'm actually probably going to cosleep with my babies (in a bed safe bassinet) because it seems to be the best place they get good sleep. Every thing I read says don't cosleep but I need to sleep and if that helps them sleep, it's going to help me! It's also ok not to love every moment. I don't really like the infant stage honestly. I look forward to when they are a couple months older. I thought I would like this stage but it's a lot of work for one person to handle the majority of the time. I feel best at night when DH comes home and even if he isn't helping, he is at least here if I need something. But, it will all pass and it gets better.

While twin life can be difficult, it's also fun watching 2 babies grow and develop. I love watching them interact too, which at this age is really limited but it seems they soothe each other when we put them together. I took them to work to visit and they did great. We've taken them to Costco too and they slept the entire time. It's crazy to think they will be 1 month old next week!

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 24, 2015 1:07 am
by reapage
Hey! My twins were born yesterday 12/23/15 at 11:27am, 33w1d. Both had hearty cry from the beginning and room air. Baby A, our restricted baby was bigger than expected at 3lbs15oz. Baby B was 4lbs6oz. I got to spend a good deal of time with them before they left for NICU.

Both had APGAR of 9/9. They are amazing and so beautiful! The NICU nurse said baby A is basically the 33 weeker exception, no cpap, no assistance other than feeding tube. Baby B is on CPAP which is common for 33 weekers and a little jaundice but both are on room air.

I have had a fever since delivery so they did a panel of tests for infections and I'm waiting for those results, they also started me on a course of three different antibiotics so that we don't have to wait for the results before treating the infection. My gene broke at about midnight or so. I'm pumping and getting drops every time which is really good, but because of the infection we are pumping and dumping and the babies are getting donor milk. I think that once I have been on antibiotics 24 hours I should be able to go see the babes. I hope so! I am dying I miss them so much.

Hope you and your kiddos are well! I'm a little thankful for some
Time to heal before bringing babies home. C sections are no joke.

Re: One Nursery or Two?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 26, 2015 1:57 pm
by lmtc430
CONGRATULATIONS! I knew I was going to hear this news at some point! Good job mom!!! They look so big, I can't believe they are only 3/4 lbs! I hope the fever is nothing serious. It sucks not getting to see your babies but I was in the same boat Honestly, I am glad I had them in the nursery because I needed it. Do you have any idea how long they'll be in the hospital? They sound like they are really healthy considering they are about 5 weeks early (for full term twins, which is around 38 weeks). I've given up on pumping and almost on breastfeeding so I hope you have way much more luck than I did. So funny that they came when they did...What an amazing CHristmas present, huh?!!!!

We are all good here. Twins are almost 6 weeks and Oliver is going through a crazy growth spurt. Seems to eat all the time and if he isn't eating, he is pissed off being he isn't eating. It's super tiring but they are getting fat faces and little fat rolls finally.