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Postby reapage » Mon Jul 13, 2015 11:49 am

Hey all, I know its super common, but I need some extra reassurance!

I am 9w6d pregnant with twins! all of our scans have been perfect.

6w2d HB's 112 & 126 babies measuring ahead
7w2d HB's 151 & 166 babies measuring ahead
9w0d HB's 186 & 186 babies measuring exactly 9w0d

All the sudden, 9w4d I woke from a nap and went pee to see a deep purple/brown on the tissue. I wiped again and it was still there, not enough to even drip on my panties. I went straight to the ER. By the time I got there it was nearly gone. They did a pelvic, shows a very small amount of blood on my cervix, but cervix was closed. The did blood work which was all normal, and the did two ultrasounds, external and vaginal, both showed babies moving. Hb's were 171 and 173, baby A measured a day ahead and baby B was measuring exactly 9w4d. They could not find any source for bleeding, everything looked great.

I felt pretty good and headed home. Called my OB to let her know what happened as it was all on a Sat. She wants me to go in in two days for a repeat scan.... So nervous all the sudden.... what if this is a precursor? we had had sex the evening before, could it be from that and took a day to show up? I was cramping as well, but I have been cramping though my pregnancy thus far and it wasnt any different than what I have been experiencing.

Anyone else have spotting? can you shed some light, and maybe share your experience?

Thanks in advance. Trying to stay positive until Wednesday! I should mention we are pregnant via IVF- 3rd cycle.
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