Identical twins measuring small at 7w3d - need advice!

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Identical twins measuring small at 7w3d - need advice!

Postby chorse37 » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:30 am

I had my first ultrasound last week and they found one gestational sac with two yolk sacs and two fetal poles - identical twins!

I had some spotting early on and a previous MC so I am on progesterone suppositories. I was supposed to be 7w3d (charting, sure of O date) but the bigger of the two measured only 5w6d and had a tiny flicker of a heart that they couldn't measure the rate. The littler one was totally still. I have a followup ultrasound this week.

My doc said that twins should grow at the same rate as singletons until late 2nd tri, so I'm very worried about their small size. Does anyone have any insight or experience with tiny twins that turned out ok? I don't want to lose them both!

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