multiple pregnancy symptoms

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were your pregnancy symptoms with your multiple pregnance

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not much different then my singlton pregnancy
less then my singlton pregnancy
out of this world worse!!!
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multiple pregnancy symptoms

Postby melodie » Mon Apr 14, 2008 2:23 pm

for those of you who have had both singalton pregnancies and a multiple pregnancy, were your symptoms more severe with the multiple pregnancy and did you just have an intuition that there was more then one or was an ultra sound the way you found out? How early into pregnancy did you think it might be more then one?

I don't have any twins in my blood line that I know of my dh has twin brothers (fraternal) I'm just asking because I got my bfp about 3-4 days before I did in my other pregnanices ( i guess that could just be caused my an early implantation). My second pregnancy I had hardly any changes in my bb's right away and this time they hurt and are getting bigger already. I also didn't start feeling my pants get tight until 11 weeks with my dd and 7 weeks with my ds and now with this pregnancy I am only 4 wk 3days and they feel lighter already. Also my exhaustion is out of this world!!!!!
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