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Pregnant after a missed miscarriage and D&C

Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:53 pm

Hi girls!!

I posted my BFP story here a couple of months back.
I ended up having a missed miscarriage when I should had been 8 weeks ( fetal age ) but Peanut stopped growing at 6. My partner and I found out at a scan we had at 8 weeks because of some pink discharge, we also had one at 6 weeks because of a sudden bleed.

I've found out I'm pregnant again straight after the d&c.
I ovulated around CD 9 counting the day of the d&c as CD1 but I know my body was gearing up before that as I could feel it. I actually felt the whole process happen from ovulation, the travel down the tubes and implantation. I have had a bit of spotting etc and cramping for 3 nights all around the same time.

Anyway. I took a FRER CD 26, but by my body it's probably CD28. The second line was light, this was in the pm. I took another the next day, same colour strength. So I took the first test 3 days ago. I have taken another one this morning and it's the same if not lighter... I compared it to my older ones and it's lighter but then again the old ones have probably dried a bit darker?

I'm pulling my hair out at the moment I don't know what to think, has anyone had this with a frer before? Any suggestions? So worried right now xx

Re: Pregnant after a missed miscarriage and D&C

Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:16 am


I phoned the doctors this morning and they had me down for my bloods tonne taken. Whilst I was there she done a urine test and it came back as a negative... I know FRERs are more sensitive but I thought I'd be showing on a 20-25mui by now.

The last pregnancy I lost I took a test 6 days late on my period from Poundland and it came back negative.. it was the strip ones and the ones in the plastic casing.... it wasn't till I was 2 weeks late I test a fat BFP on a clear blue.

I am soooo sooo confused!!!
Just want to cry
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