advice please for possible blood clotting disorder (X post)

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advice please for possible blood clotting disorder (X post)

Postby pleaseoplease » Thu Oct 29, 2009 6:41 am

Hello ladies. I've been on and off the TTC boards for the last 3 years, TTC #1. I am not pg yet, still TTC. Thought I post here because you ladies havee been through it already and could probably give some good advice.

Very long story made very short. Three weeks ago a new OB tested my blood and I came up medium positive (40) for anticardiolipins and high for protein C deficiency (154). I've never had major health problems and was "unexplained" until this test. I'm 42, but ovulate every month, have no structural issues, hormone levels are fine and dh has been tested as well. I've had a confirmed early m/c (6 weeks) in '07 and I believe I also had another very early m/c two months later (was too distraught from the first m/c to poas for the second "pg"). No bfp since then.

So here's my questions. My OB gave me two referrals, one to a rhumetologist (for the protein C) and one to a hematologist (for the anticardiolipin). My appointments are in the next two weeks. What types of things should I ask them during my consultations? Should I also ask to see a high-risk OB for pre-conception counseling? Should I start taking aspirin right now, or will it mess with further bloodtesting? I've lost three years of my fertility and I don't have time to waste ! Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Postby Lissa_ » Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:15 pm


Definately don't take aspirin without medical advice as in ppl not needing it it can actually cause a m/c by the overthinning of normal blood.

Once i had Protein S Deficiency diagnosed I commenced aspirin and heparin injections daily when pregnant which worked and resulted in DD2 and hopefully DC3.

GL to you in your TTC journey, it can be so very very hard - we didn't manage to concieve and hold a pregnancy for 12 years between DD1 and DD2 and then DC3 is growing as we speak 9 months after birth of DD2! We were told we would never be able to conceive again without IVF and had to cancel it as we conceived DD2 the month we were set to start!
So please stay strong in your journey and prayers for a beautiful baby for you :-)
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Blood Clotting Disorder - Heparin & Aspirin Daily
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