Previous Ectopic + progesterone

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Previous Ectopic + progesterone

Postby SanJoseGal » Wed Dec 30, 2009 10:50 am

My doctors has not checked my progesterone levels, only hcg. I had a previous ectopic pregnancy in Aug. 09 that resulted in emergency surgery to remove my right tube.

From my reading around on the internet it says that if you have a previous ectopic or miscarriage they should also be mointoring your progesterone levels.

Any one know if that is true?

Can you share you ectopic progesterone levels with me.

Thanks so much!
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Postby victoria_1024 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 9:18 pm

With my ectopic pregnancy, they never mentioned if they checked progesterone or not. But they checked my HCG and it was not rising very quickly and then stabilized, so they knew it was a problem because it wasn't dropping (like with a miscarriage) but it also wasn't rising enough to indicate a healthy pregnancy. So I would think HCG would be most important.

I do think it's important to check progesterone levels after a loss. If your progesterone is low, it's an easy fix. But if you have an ectopic pregnancy, obviously progesterone supplements aren't going to help you and since individuals' progesterone levels vary so much, that number alone won't really tell you much.

Hope my ramblings made sense. :) Sorry to hear about the loss of your tube. :(
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Postby niclet » Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:18 am

New studies suggest that less than 2% of ectopics have a normal progestrone level...but this can not be the only test done to confirm an ectopic. It must be done in conjunction with HCG....which needs to double every 48 hours. Mine did not double so there was no need to even mention progestrone. This time, my HCG levels were doubling and were high with a high progestrone. The high progrstrone was another good sign that it was in the right place b/c it would not be that high if it was ectopic.

so, progestrone can not be the only thing that determines ectopic...but it can help determine if it is in the right place.
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