What testing are you doing this time?

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Postby savigny » Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:29 am

hi hon! so excited to see you over here!!
i had two sets of betas done and an early u/s at 5w5d! then i have my next appt at 8w. that's all the 'special' monitoring i am getting.
i also had a TON of b/w done in the cycle before i got my BFP but it all came back normal.
i'm also taking a baby aspirin a day (my idea, but my Dr said it was fine to keep taking...)
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Postby bernababe » Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:32 pm

I had 3 betas, was put on progesterone oral supplements until week 16, then transitioned to weekly progesterone injections that I will keep taking until week 36. We had an early 62k4day u/s, a NTscan and bloodwork at 12 weeks, a anatomy scan at 20 weeks(level 2 u/s) and an echocardiogram on the babies heart at 21 weeks. We are measuring big and will have another u/s at 32 weeks so see how big he is measuring and what our game plan will be.

I have had 4 pregnancies, we have 1-7 yr old daughter, baby in 2007 with limb body wall complex, a m/c in June 2009 and this is our baby Declan at 29 weeks. SO far everything is perfect. Praying that this is a happy ending.

Good luck and lots of prayers for you and your family for a healthy pregnancy and babY!
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