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Going Bananas

Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:11 am

Hey Everyone.

I was super excited to get my BFP on Christmas Eve, but that excitement quickly turned into crazy nerves. I had a M/C at 6w3d on Oct 27th (blighted ovum)and this was our 2nd month TTC again. I don't think that I ever O'ed the first cycle after the M/C.

I am only 4 weeks as of today and I do have my first Dr appointment on Jan 3rd. This was already scheduled because he wanted to check a cyst that I have on one of my ovaries. I know besides a blood test to check my levels, there isn't much else they can do right now, but my Dr office is closed until Jan 2nd because of the holidays. The wait is killing me. I also know that when I go in on the 3rd that there won't be much to see on the U/S because I am so early anyways. I will be 4w5d then.

I am in the bathroom every time there is even the slightest bit of CM making sure that it's not blood.I've even been wearing white underwear so that I can see it faster if it happens. Every little feeling I get in my uterus area has me thinking that cramps are starting. My main symptom right now is my sore bbs and I am constantly feeling them to make sure the soreness isn't going away (even in the middle of the night when I wake).
I know the only thing I can do is to try and stay positive and just wait it out and try my hardest to not act like a cray person, but that is definitely easier said than done.
I knew that there are many of you on here going through the same thing so I thought supporting each others crazy emotions could help.

Re: Going Bananas

Mon Dec 30, 2013 8:59 pm

It's not easy. I think all of us here would agree. It's unfair to not even be able to get excited about a BFP. But!! There's good news!! It's completely possible to go on and have a healthy baby. Sometimes women (like me) experience multiple losses - and some have just one, and some have no issues at all. Sometimes there's an issue and sometimes there's not. As hard as it sounds, you have to relax a bit. Baby can feel what you feel - so don't stress baby out! And as awful as it sounds - if you do experience another loss, there's nothing you can do about it once it starts, so enjoy being pregnant for now. If it lasts, it lasts and you get the ultimate reward at the end. If it ends, know that you CAN conceive and that you WILL bring home a healthy baby one day.

Re: Going Bananas

Fri Jan 03, 2014 12:52 pm

It's actually way more common to go on to have normal pregnancies after a loss than to have multiple losses. This forum is a bit skewed because of the fact that more ppl who have issues with conceiving are likely to join online chat rooms and forums about it. But in reality, you only have about a 4% chance of having a second loss in a row. The odds are in your favour as scary as it is to be pregnant after a miscarriage.

Re: Going Bananas

Wed Feb 05, 2014 4:07 pm

I just joined these boards (from the TTC boards) and I sure can empathize with everything you said Brennansmom! How are you doing now?

And thank you readyformymiracle and Kodak for such great responses, both made me cry. I'm feeling completely controlled by fear and reading positive outlooks is really keeping me same right now, so thank you :)
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