BFP after a 10wk MMC, and CP

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BFP after a 10wk MMC, and CP

Postby mrsmedic » Sat Apr 19, 2014 6:03 am

Good morning ladies, a little background me (26 happy healthy female, paramedic) Husband (31 happy healthy male, chef)

These boards are amazing and you ladies are so strong I really appreciate everything I received on the other threads and I can finally post on this thread. Dec 2013 BFP, Jan 2014 MMC and took Cytotec. I scared the crap out of my US tech the first MMC, I went in with a week of spotting which three doctors said was nothing light tan/brown less than a dime size spot all day. When I laid on the US table and she was telling me this happens all the time and its fine I told her it wasn't, she wants going to find a heart beat, I just knew something wasn't correct. She searched for awhile then tried to turn off the screen and tell me what I already knew. I asked her to leave the screen on it was nice to see the baby even if it was tiny and no longer with a heart beat. I think I made her uncomfortable but I work in a field where we tell people terrible news on a fairly regular basis. I even complimented her on how she broke the news and how kind and compassionate she was, then the crying and emotions kicked in.

Feb was told to hold off on ttc but March was a go so we dtd got a very faint BFP for three days that never darkened and ended with a CP I was only about 6 days late so it was no different than AF but my husband and I were devastated. I had told him the day of the third BFP and the fourth day spotting started with heavy bleeding at night, for April I promised myself I would not tell anyone until my 8 week scan if I got an April BFP. I was really tired of feeling like I let down my husband and my best friend who have been on this roller coaster ride for about six months. Well with April came a new job on top of an old one that took some of my time and attention away from TTC we only DTD twice on CD 12/14 really late at night but it looks like that was it. I didn’t even realize that we were in the window until a week later when I started bumming out that we we're going to be successful this time around.

AF was due 4/15-4/16 and I let the husband know he said "babe you should wait to test" of course for someone who wants a baby so bad every extra day waiting might as well been an eternity! Friday I tested bright second line! wahoo! of course last night I had a dream that the lines were getting lighter so I had to test this morning to ease my mind and holy cow the darkest line I've ever seen on a dollar tree test. Fingers crossed for all you ladies trying after a MMC or CP, it'll happen! As annoying as it is to hear what will be will be, or it happens for a reason, or it wasn't the right time when you get the strong BFP after you feel amazing!

I'm still anxious about everything progressing well this time around but I feel different. I can't explain it i'm just not anxious about something going wrong like I was the first two times. I had a nagging feeling for both previous BFPs that it wasn't going to go well, I described it to my husband as "You know when you're tired but you can't explain what you feel like when you’re tired?" I just knew. Hoping this is it! The husband already teased me about the baby being his 2014 tax deduction because the EDD would be around 12/24/14. Christmas miracle hopefully!
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Re: BFP after a 10wk MMC, and CP

Postby jazlynn4/28 » Sun Apr 20, 2014 3:10 pm

Sorry for your loss and sending u lots of sticky vibes!

Mc 18 weeks 4/28/13

Due date 4/28/14

My rainbow baby is due on my Angel babies birthday!

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