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Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms going

Tue Jun 24, 2014 7:34 am

I had to ask a question if anyone had the same experience? Did anyone lose symptoms all at once? Or one by one?

I lost my baby at 7 weeks but didn't know until our 11 week prenatal scan. I had a D&C on Jan 17th. I remember I had random nausea and gagging, and extreme dizziness, and some fatigue that would come and go. I started feeling better at 7 weeks, very sudden is what I remember. I had painful "bites" on my right side the whole time. Right now no, none like that. Just cramping on sides and pulling sensations, it hurt bad Sunday but then no more, there were a lot of pulling both sides. Oh, another thing, my bloating is gone today. I'm flat as a pancake again, I see a little roundness above my csection scar and I feel a firmness when I press there. I know my baby's there but I have no idea if she/he's still alive.

Today I'm 7 weeks 3 days, I've had fatigue for the last 3 weeks, I woke up feeling normal yesterday, no fatigue and was able to work better. Today again no fatigue. No nausea, I think it went away Friday 20th. My boobs are still hurting though. This morning I threw up water after eating eggs because I took prenatals (I've been taking flintstones because that's what I can take right now) I thought I could take a prenatal but I'll go back to flinstones again tomorrow. How odd I didn't barf up eggs, just water, and out of my nose too. I hope that's normal morning sickness but still, its just because somehow I can't handle the prenatals so I'm stopping for good. I like the flinstones, they still make me gag a little but I don't throw up.

I'm just worried.......I saw the baby's heartbeat on 6-13, and my numbers are high. I'm hoping they still are and I'm hoping the baby is still alive. I told my bf to call the nurse to ask if its normal for symptoms just to go away at 7 weeks (it just TERRIFIES me! since its what has happened last time) I want to do more bloodwork to make sure my numbers are up but it depends to my obgyn and what she says.

Is it normal for symptoms to go like that? I have a scan coming up on the 30th Monday, I'm praying my baby is still progressing, still have a heartbeat and still growing. I'm beyond terrified. I hope he calls the nurse today. I'm just concerned because my fatigue just left yesterday when I woke up, I thought it should continue until 12 weeks? Right? Am I paranoid?

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:50 pm

The nurse called back, said symptoms can come and go but that's normal. Blood work wouldn't help any more. Sigh......I guess there's nothing I can do but wait til the 30th. My nausea comes and goes, so it's still present, heartburn still there, boob pain there, thirstyness, same....all I can do is hope for the best.

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Sat Jun 28, 2014 8:33 pm

Thanks for your reply. It's a terrifying time for me. Yes my symptoms vanished around 7 weeks in Dec '13 and I wasn't too surprised at the 11 week scan in Jan. for I had a feeling.
At seven weeks the symptoms seemed to go away but every other day it comes back. I'm now 8 weeks, nausea came back with a vengeance with the worst heartburn and upset stomach. My breasts started to hurt again, the symptoms kind of hides until when I least expect it and am feeling better, it comes out of hiding.
I didn't have that the last time, right now the symptoms are stronger, deeper and makes me feel sick and I am unable to function until it passes. Thankfully it's the weekend. I've been horribly cranky and mean to my bf when I'm under the weather then I make up to him afterwards. I remind him to prepare when it returns. It's been gradually worsening. So that itself gives me comfort that all should be well. I see the doctor on Monday for a second scan to see his/progress and heartbeat again.

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Sun Jun 29, 2014 7:17 am

I'm sorry of what happened! I had no idea it was so recent! I went to your posts and I understand now. I thought you were expecting again after your loss. Just like my experience in January. I'm so sorry. Hugs!
For us it was a difficult time but our obgyn gave us the clear after one cycle and we TTC right away. We got pregnant again four months later in May. I'm hoping all goes well with us this time.
I hope you will come back to the boards expecting again soon! :)

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:41 pm

TTC will definitely help speed up your healing as it did to both of us. I have a lot of symptoms and so far so good! :)
Looking forward for my 12 week visit on the 28th.

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:18 am

It took 30 days for my period to return after the D&C (it wasn't heavy and only lasted a normal 5 days which was relieving). My obgn said we can try again after one cycle. I used the P tracker, and my cycles sometimes gets wonky depending on much I would train/miles I ran (I can range anywhere from 24 to 28 days) the second cycle was 26 days and the third cycle was 24 days. It was stressful trying to guess when my ovulation would start. So we just would wing it, by estimating my fertile days would be 10-16 days because my cycle days ranged from 24 to 28 so we had make the range wider.
It took us 4 months to finally catch it! By that fourth cycle I already had cut back on running and started resting more for about 2-3 weeks, so I was finally back to 28 days so I think we conceived on the 14th day which fits that day we did and only because we were going out of town that weekend the next day (we had a bay relay marathon and this time I did NOT take motrin which I did back in November for the full marathon which I'm afraid it may have caused issues with my last pregnancy). So that cycle I avoided all pain killers/medication so maybe that would have worked. Who knows?
Don't worry, your cycles should return soon. I was only 2 days late on my first cycle, not too bad and it took a while for my cycles to normalize and when it did, we were able to get pregnant again.

Re: Hi! I'm from the Feb. group, worried about symptoms goin

Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:12 pm

Yikes I can't imagine those poor babies! I don't even paint my nails or pump gas! He does the cleaning not me so I can't believe there's mothers who doesn't care. Terrible.
I'm dealing with nausea, it hits anytime and out of the blue. I take preggy pops and I wing it the best I can. No meds.
I have to cancel this December's full marathon and will get a refund back since I signed up to include the refund for we were TTC and knew I may have to back out. I just started running when my son was about 5 and got in shape, it's a fun hobby for me. I no longer run and will go back after the baby's born. I just don't run while pregnant, other moms do but this baby is precious to me & don't want to risk it. I just walk when I'm not too fatigued.
I hope you get better soon and be back in board. :)
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