Leftover HCG or New Pregnancy?

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Leftover HCG or New Pregnancy?

Postby SavvySav4 » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:11 am

Hello everyone! My week has been very confusing. I miscarried at 4 weeks 4 days on January 20th. I did not see a doctor afterward because my old doctor said there was no need to come in since the miscarriage happened so early on.

Let me start off by saying I knew I was going to miscarry on Jan 19th because I had gotten 3 negative pregnancy tests. At home, I was still taking pregnancy tests even after the bleeding stopped and they were all negative and my pregnancy symptoms were gone.

This cycle I did buy ovulation tests though (not so much for bding but just to know when I did ovulaton since I read it can be really long or short or not at all after a mc) and my tests say I ovulated from Jan 31st-Feb 5th.

Normally my two week wait is only a 12 day wait. I normally have a period every 28 days and the only time it's been more than a day late was when I was pregnant. So I started to feel pregnant again and on Valentine's day I tested (9dpo) and got a positive! I continued to take tests and my clinical guards are still very faint but my first response tests seem to be at the same level.

I did have some spotting but it was literally like 3-5 drops on 4 dpo, 8 dpo, and 15 dpo.

So I decide to see a new doctor and they want me to come in for bloodwork to see how far along I am since I never had a period. They said I should have seen a doctor to make sure my levels were at 0 (but my old doctor said it wasn't necessary so....). They took my blood and the next day I got a call saying they were shocked I even got a positive since my level was only at 18. They want me to come back in on Monday for another blood test to see if that's just left over hormones or if this is a new pregnancy.

I just don't know what to think. I understand it can take awhile for hcg to leave your system but how could I get dead negatives for weeks and not feel pregnant at all to all of a sudden feeling pregnant again? I'm honestly starting to think my body just has an issue producing hcg because in my last pregnancy I never got a dark line on a hpt.

So essentially on Tuesday I'll know if
1. It's leftover hcg from my miscarriage
2. It is a new pregnancy, but it's going to miscarry too
3. It's a new pregnancy and I'm going to be put on some supplements.

Sorry for the long venting session. Why can't I just be like my redneck cousins who get pregnant on accident and everything turns out fine?
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Re: Leftover HCG or New Pregnancy?

Postby Yelibaby » Mon Mar 02, 2015 7:58 am

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope everything turned out ok. Any updates?
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